Soundarie David | Composing her Life in Tunes

Soundarie David is a musician who led the Western Music scene in Sri Lanka to a new direction.

Priscilla Caren | Celebrating the ties of Man & Nature

Priscilla Caren’s passion for art education raptured us as we conversed with her to understand the role of

Marie-Caroline Senlis | Coloring the Black & White

Marie-Caroline Senlis, French artist who is currently residing in Sri Lanka shared her collection of photography for which

Ajai Vir Singh | Unmasking Swimwear Eco-Systems

Ajai Vir Singh, the far-sighted visionary synonymously associated with Sri Lankan Fashion made his first mark in the

Momentous Musical Musings | Lakshman Joseph de Seram

As we walked into the Goethe hall where Lakshman de Saram was rehearsing his composition with his fellow

Fortifying the Voice of South Asian Contemporary Art | Annoushka Hempel

Annoushka, Founder and Director of the Colombo Art Biennale (CAB), has been engaged with many global art councils

Critiquing Contemporary Art | Jyoti Dhar

Jyoti Dhar sheds light on critical aspects of the Sri Lankan art scene from the perspective of a professional art critic through this interview we conducted with her. Born in New York, Jyoti has lived in London, Dubai, and New Delhi. She currently lives and works in Colombo. Dhar is the recipient of Forbes India’s