Sundramoorthy Vijayalayan | Painting the Anxieties of his People

Sundramoorthy Vijayalayan, the very first artist we chose from the entries sent to us for the feature of this edition’s Emerging Artist, initiates a rational commentary on the  war-wounded Jaffna through his paintings. We were captivated by his scrupulous manner of connecting the past with the present. Traveling to Colombo from miles away for this

Soundarie David | Composing her Life in Tunes

Soundarie David is a musician who led the Western Music scene in Sri Lanka to a new direction.

Priscilla Caren | Celebrating the ties of Man & Nature

Priscilla Caren’s passion for art education raptured us as we conversed with her to understand the role of

Marie-Caroline Senlis | Coloring the Black & White

Marie-Caroline Senlis, French artist who is currently residing in Sri Lanka shared her collection of photography for which

Coldplay & P413 | Beating the Humdrum

Coldplay, one of the most popular music bands of our time released their newest album A Head Full

Anoli Perera | Feminist Readings & Contemporary Art

Anoli Perera’s vast knowledge and experience coupled with her vibrant personality formed a vivacious conversation about her upbringing

Conserving Natures Bounty | Emad Sangani

Being a wildlife photographer goes beyond the general principles of photography. The challenges, obstructions and harsh conditions in

Art on Fashion | Sonali Dharmawardena

Sonali Dharmawardena, recounts the journey she took from being an artist to a fashion designer. Undisturbed by the variety of mediums to be explored, Sonali’s chose fabric to experiment with batik dying. Being a batik artist then took Sonali on a path that led to her having to play the role of a fashion designer.

Momentous Musical Musings | Lakshman Joseph de Seram

As we walked into the Goethe hall where Lakshman de Saram was rehearsing his composition with his fellow musicians, we were raptured by his rhythmic aura. The sight of his delightful presence at a musical setting exuded the energy of his score for film ‘Bel Ami’, where he co-wrote it with Academic Award winner, Rachel

Reimagining Folk Stories | Sybil Wettasinghe

When Beverly Cleary said, “If you don’t see the book you want on the shelf, write it.”, she might have very well been talking to Sybil Wettasighe, as this was exactly what she did. Starting out as an illustrator at the age of fifteen for her first book, Sybil thereafter, became an author for children’s