Voicing The Perils of Mother Nature | Anoma Wijewardene

Expressing her views on pressing issues, Anoma Wijewardene speaks to us on how she employs her work as


Working mostly with plasticine and terracotta, Tissa de Alwis’ work has received notable attention locally and internationally for

Relinquished Explorations | Pathum Sameera Vithanage

Who are we to say what’s right and wrong in art. Every artist has a vision expressed in unique styles and techniques. Pathum’s venture on untrodden ground is merely the beginning of a fresh perspective in art that too few are capable of recognizing. Like the fate suffered by many in the past, this phenomenon


An artist by choice, Anura Srinath chose to continue with his hobby of comic drawing despite his father’s wish for him to be a medical professional. Anura’s work depicts political illustrations of the time to children’s comic books, whilst his work is significant as it seeks to enlighten the youth with relation to a variety

Pursuing An Artistic Protest | Hanusha Somasunderam

From the peaks of the hill country in Nuwara Eliya, further north to the tip of the island

Empowering Art Together | Dileepa Jeewantha & Mahesh Indika

Attempting to add value to the art scene by venturing on alliances that have not been explored over time in Sri Lanka, Mahesh and Dileepa recreated the art of collaboration. In order to create enhanced versions of art, Dileepa and Mahesh showcased exhibits unlike any expected. This collection consisted of fourteen different pieces that were

Beyond Lines | Kavan Balasuriya

Kavan Balasuriya has been able to establish a name for his cutting edge work. His basis of learning through trial and error may have been a risk but Kavan believes he had a lot to learn from it. Now looking forward to taking up commissioned work, Kavan has set time off to explore new avenues


Curated by Samdani Art Foundation Artistic Director and DAS Chief Curator Diana Campbell Betancourt, the 2016 edition was

Fashion and Functionality | Sanjay Garg

Through our conversation with Indian Designer Sanjay we found that his work goes beyond simply designing a piece of clothing. On the journey to re-establish the need for ethnic wear, Sanjay Garg shares his story on how he was able to bring back that of which was once a dying trend. The versatility of his

Seeking Catharsis Through Art | Layla Gonaduwa

Layla speaks of the repetitive motions in her cathartic paintings being related to the unconscious routine she follows