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Careems presents itself in a conspicuous play exploring the inimitable oneness of art and nature. A sense of interconnectedness with the natural environment by drawing links between the palpable characteristics of landscape, wildlife and geology whilst incorporating the imaginative qualities of art inspired us at ARTRA to present this unique botanic collection. By juxtaposing statement pieces of jewellery with interpretative caliber, the visual narrative beautifully articulate the fostering links between artistic practice, jewellery, nature and environmental education. Exploration of the relationships between emotional and creative engagements imbued in these creations with the natural world exemplify jewellery’s stature in its ability to transcend its decorative nature to that of a canvas, advocating the significance of our relationship with the environment.

The line between art and nature is further explored through our attempt of display, composing a botanic reality of unique pieces from varied collection of Careems jewellery showcasing the excellence in its human craftsmanship, similar to that of the abled hands of an artist, side by side with the reflections of a natural eco-system. The ability of Careems to rival and even surpass the wonders of natural forms, whilst inducing a theatrical play between art and nature, catches the attention of our eyes. When constructing a jewel, the artisans begin with a drawn sketch, and incorporate motifs of inspiration from the natural world into the glimmering stones of the botanic existence.

Just as the excavation of ancient marble statues and bronze statuettes fuelled the collecting of contemporary objects modelled after antiques, so did the circulation of cameos and engraved gemstones elevate jewellery into applied forms of art. The botanic collection of Careems, that ARTRA has curated in the composition featured springs forth from their fervour towards the extraordinary in nature. The ‘Ruby Butterfly’ carved of Rubies & Diamonds and the ‘Mystical Floweret’ consisting of a 43 carat Black Fire Opal, Blue Sapphires & Diamonds belonging to the Masterpiece Collection seamlessly blend with the ‘Dragon fly’ crafted out of Amethysts & Pink Sapphires. Along with these three signature pieces, the ‘Humming Bird’ formed out of Blue Sapphires & Tsavorites from the Journey Collection is presenting a visual narrative of elaborate figural compositions mirroring the poignant and imaginative engagements of artisans in infusing the ecology of the natural world. The precious gemstones in these works with colored striations are meticulously cut to exploit the design possibilities of a stone’s irregularities and to draw attention to its multiple dimensions. The main impulse in this composition is in its unravelling of jewellery taking on the form of a visual narrative, that can be adorned and created individually or collectively to the liking of the wearer. This is an opportunity for you dear reader, to engage in an artistic endeavour of your own, reflecting your love and perception of nature by co-crafting your vision with the artisans of Careems, in articulating a unique story through statement pieces of jewels that you can proudly embellish at all occasions.

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18th October, 2018 Visual Art | Conceptual

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