By Azara Jaleel

What is art? A question provoked by many. When attempting to articulate a definition, I found myself adding insights, subtracting information and reediting what I thought was my comprehensive understanding of its potential and parameters. After countless attempts, I concluded that art cannot have a universal, all encompassing definition as it’s multi dimensional. However, it can be universally acknowledged that it stems from a creative consciousness, which this edition of ARTRA Magazine explores in tandem with daily life.

The distinguished art personalities featured in this edition deserve to be hailed for drawing a bridge between art and living. Their practice, be it visual or performance artistry, architecture, entrepreneurship, design or curation, creatively and intellectually stimulate individuals to a culturally conscious life style. Their works epitomize the impact art possess in contributing to the personal, professional, spiritual and social growth of any individual, when engaged upon frequently.

We are proud to have JAT holdings as our main partner for this edition of ‘Art & Living’ reflecting the ability of art transcending into functional realms. Whilst praising the triumphs of the local art fraternity, we distinguish JAT Holdings as a corporate for encompassing profound creativity specifically through ‘Petal Paints’ for its artistic process, commitment towards art restoration and its protection of local heritage and Herman Miller, for its artistically induced design functionality. The latter impart a creative consciousness, which you will witness throughout the magazine as each unique Herman Miller chair compliment the strong points of view of our feature art personalities.

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19th June, 2018 Visual Art | Conceptual

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