Azara Jaleel

Art essentially is about explorations.

Every artist finds inspiration through varied forms of travel, as it evokes an infinite source of creative energy. What I found very unique about each art personality featured in this edition is the manner in which they interpret travel to augment their practice. The cover story is that of George Beven, whose journey in visual art, influenced primarily by travel, began in the 1930’s exploring the genre of modern art to producing idiosyncratic work in contemporary times. Likewise, artist Nimmi Harasagama shares the manner in which she was introduced to socio- political dynamisms through her travels to Europe and South Asia, which influenced her performance artistry. Whilst art curator Radhika Hettiarachchi dissects the essence of travelling exhibitions and its impact upon audiences of multi-national backgrounds, actor & director Sashane Perera explores the manner in which time travel enhances the character portrayal and identification on stage.

Whilst evidently, travel has enriched artists, it has also been augmented by artistic principles to the point that modes of travel have transformed into functional works of art. We are proud to have Jaguar Land Rover, SML Frontier Automotive as our Main Partner for this edition, embodying the spiritualism of creativity and exploration through impeccable design.

Also, do schedule your art calendar for the season and read on riveting reviews on key art events including that of which ARTRA Magazine & Daily ARTRA partnered to provide a novel experience of artistry. Enjoy this unique session of Art therapy too by Priscilla Caren.

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15th August, 2018 Art | Conceptual

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