Azara Jaleel

From a classical point of view, art has always been in search of its imitation of which nature has been its closest counterpart. Deriving not only creative stimulus and aesthetic muse, nature appeared in graphic representations of man since the Paleolithic period and continue to pervade the works of contemporary artists locally and internationally. This edition, we explore and shed light to the manner in which local artists from the disciplines of visual, performance and applied art engage with nature, from its portrayal to inducing visual & performative distinction to denounce human intervention in impacting climate change and the depletion of natural resources.

The cover personality for this edition, Druvinka Madawala standsforth for man’s oneness with nature; physically, spiritually and mentally, those of which contribute to her flamboyant artistry on canvas. As a leading local contemporary artist, she is prolific in negotiating with nature for survival and artistic expression. Whilst Laki Senanayake’s visual portrayal explores how the artist experiences, perceives and relates to the natural environment through botanic architectures, Luxshmanan Nadaraja’s narratological photography captures the function of mountains as water towers in creating a balance in the natural ecosystem. A riveting array of art personalities share their relationship with art and nature this edition, of which dear reader, we are sure you will be intrigued & informed.

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9th October, 2018 Visual Art | Conceptual

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