Daily ARTRA in partnership with Tribefunds is assisting artists succeed

Daily ARTRA, Sri Lanka’s online art hub committed to providing Sri Lanka’s daily art news is now taking on the initiative of supporting the growth and livelihoods of local artists. Whilst continuing to provide guidance and creating awareness about works of both emerging and established artists, Daily ARTRA in partnership with Tribefunds, one of Sri Lanka’s leading professional crowdfunding platform is happy to facilitate this platform that brings in funds from the larger community to support the growth of artists and the industry.
In light of nurturing artists, we encourage them to send in their proposal illustrating the projects they have in mind, which may range from the artistic disciplines of visual art, photography, theatre, creative writing, dance, music, fashion and literature. On this note, ARTRA Magazine is happy to contribute  to the growth and sustenance of the crowd funding campaign through personal mentoring sessions, curation and monetary contribution by allocating a percentage of ARTRA Magazine’s annual subscription fee to this initiative.
To be eligible for Daily ARTRA’s crowdfunding campaign, you need to
1. Be a local artist with a vision
2. Send in a two page report addressing the criterion given below:
The project outline (form of art, objective and impact the artist hopes to achieve)
Project description (300 words maximum)
Execution plan and timeframe needed to complete the project
Total expense of the project
Breakdown of expense for the project
3. Send in the applicant’s ARTRA Magazine annual subscription number (If the applicant is currently not a subscriber, we kindly request him/her to subscribe via or call [number] as a portion of the subscription fee will be contributed to this crowdfunding campaign
4. Email your proposal and subscription details to by the 12th of October 2018.


21st September, 2018 Visual Art | Conceptual