Daily ARTRA's emerging artists of January 2019, are awe-inspiring individuals, whose works of art we explored as a reflection of ‘metamorphosis’ uniquely presented through exceptional mediums of art.

Tied down to typicality, normalcy is a composition of unbreaking barriers and immobile lines; holding us hostage to routine, and deflecting change- we become limitations, enemies to ourselves. A caterpillar only transforms into a butterfly when it accepts change, sheds its cocoon, trusts nature and its wings. Metamorphosis, is an act of evolution- transformation; it is the rendition through which these unbreaking barriers are broken and the groundbreaking act of putting into motion immobile lines. A breakthrough in society, in a person, the human mind. Metamorphosis is a realization of a riveting chaos within.

Daily ARTRA's emerging artists of January 2019, are awe-inspiring individuals, whose works of art we explored as a reflection of ‘metamorphosis’ uniquely presented through exceptional mediums of art. Portraying and reflecting, these artists exhibit stellar skill and passion in their work of art.

Vithurshan, a phenomenal landscape photographer with a knack for picturesque aerial images, illuminates metamorphosis in a rather distinctive conception. He portrays the hurdle that society conquers, to evolve; an evident step required to change: Vithurshan's photography allows perception to a course thought; realization that revolution is in our hands and we just have to take the leap.

Shiara Gunasekara, yet another remarkable photographer, allows the understanding of evolution differently. Her representation of metamorphosis comes in the form of lingering moments: a capture in instants of expression. The unsurprising characteristic of human emotion and its fickleness envisioned through an assortment of pixels. Her photographs narrate the capricious capability of feeling, allowing the observer to reach a serene understanding of human nature. Her contribution to our theme leaves anyone wide-eyed and awestruck, filling voids and changing perspectives.

Yashvin Senanayake, yet another remarkable photographer and filmmaker documents the pieces of our world we often forget to capture: the fast-paced, rapidly transforming world: concrete buildings and electronic ecosystems; highlighting the change in a vivid portrayal of lush greenery. He portrays metamorphosis through an abundance of landscape transitioning, in his filmmaking expertise; exposing our world through his lens, and taking you on a journey: liberating your soul. Amidst the brilliance of his unique expression, he perceives the alternative dimension that exists in his mind, onto his photography and thereby instills in us the need to witness the transformation of a real world into a magical realm.

Visual storyteller Sachin Herath, otherwise known as 'befuddled', concludes metamorphosis brilliantly, through an idiosyncratic art form and an arrangement of cleverly placed images, eliciting deep meaning while standing as an acknowledgement to a mythical place and time. His notions and concept implores the witness to be aware and remember a past that carried different thought-provoking ideologies, which in fact are apparent in the modern society as well. The subtleties in his works of art link the past with the present, while projecting a unique point of view that is created by the artist’s his interpretations of the societal phenomena.

While an artist's perception of metamorphosis may differ between each individual, every notion entreats admiration. Therefore, metamorphosis becomes a concept that stands to be understood kaleidoscopically, and these artists have shone a light in places that allow us to see.

1st February, 2019 Visual Art | Conceptual