Lalindra Amarasekara

Lalindra Amarasekara is a visual technologist, a highly sophisticated practitioner and utilizer of electronic tools to achieve an end result that has come to be highly innovative, valued and respected in the context of contemporary art and design in Sri Lanka. The growth of the interweaving fields of science and digital technology have had lasting effects on the practice and presentation of art, through challenging and reinventing the meaning of visual phenomena to different audiences and places. Lalindra is the co-founder of Cyber Illusions, the leading design studio in the field of projection mapping and experimental programming. The use of different types of technology poses its own challenges, a fundamental element that many progressive artists such as Lalindra have to contend with on a daily basis, with the most fulfilling of rewards.

Foundations in Performance

An intuitive understanding of the importance of artistic play and experimentation is something that the programmer values. Always harboring a passion for computer programming, Lalindra emerged from a technological background, working with hardware and software development companies. He also exercised different aspects of performativity through theatre, playing music in a band, and even practiced the combination of technology and illusion as a professional magician. Over time, these proved to be ingrained influences in developing an interest in things that tricked the mind, and tricked the brain, Lalindra soon found that the world of electronics made such creative acts more accessible. The visual technologist notes that “the next step was finding ways and means to use these elements as tools and work, developing interesting pieces that would entertain, intrigue and create various types of spaces”.

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9th February, 2018 Art | Conceptual

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