The Gardens by Laki Senanayake

Humans’ estrangement from nature has resulted in many ecological crises. The idea that humanity has become disconnected from nature is hardly surprising given the increase in environmental problems world over. In approaching the impulse of this green crisis, we present three significant works showcased at the recently concluded exhibition, The Greedy Forest - The Gardens of Laki Senanayake at Barefoot Gallery, curated by Max Moya and photographed by Luka Alagiyawanna, exploring how the artist experiences, perceives and relates to the natural environment through botanic architectures.

In these spaces, vegetation encroaches on the human space. No fields, no lawns. They re‐establish a hierarchy and power dynamic between the human subject and botanic reality. They also reveal a disregard for axes and a penchant for fragmentation, so that no quick intelligibility, no grasping at a glance, is possible. Nature is not educated to flank the triumphal parade of the eye towards the horizon. No: the horizon itself has been vanquished.

Confusion is more prevalent than articulation. One is not coaxed to look down this path or that one, let alone walk down them. The subject finds himself unwillingly hiding in nature rather than controlling it: Through the arabesque of leaves of the verdant walls that surround the cavities in his forests, one gets a meagre glimpse the horizon, the light of the great openness beyond the premises of the property.

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9th October, 2018 Visual Art | Conceptual

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