Ten Tips to shape a creative sense in retail spaces by Kasunchana Wijewardena Kapilasena of Trunk Sri Lanka

As a creative form of visual merchandising, installations in common spaces play a very imporatnt role in attracting attention and encouraging sales.

1. There are many aspects to art and there is so much one can do with art and retail.

2. Colour is one aspect of art that can be considered for your retail space. What colour represents your space? What hues of colour work for your brand?

3. Find inspiration from perspectives of art. For example the quote by artist Yayoi Kusama on polka dots allows for a fashion and lifestyle related boutique to look at a collection of fashion wear with polka dots very differently and expand around it.

4. Shop fittings and overall look and feel. Our talented designer, Jacob Pringiers with his artistic point of view and design perspective worked with a space in our boutique enhancing an artistic view.

5.  Singular art pieces or unique art works can be used in window displays if it has relevance to what is going on in your retail space. Correlation is key.

6. Use of a unique and outlandish art piece to draw customers in through curiosity.

7. Styling is a form of art. How to direct a styling session requires a lot of artistic perceptions as it marries a combination of colours, lighting, silhouettes, elements of design from the item of clothing or accessory and a general image to represent a message.

8.  The use of makeup in our case when dressing up a model for a photo shoot or for a show is very important. The colours used and how the makeup is used in relation to the theme or fashion item is artistic in its own way.

9. Music is another art form, and we find fashion and music have an immense correlation. When you watch a runway show, the music that is played when a collection comes forth, tells you a story about the collection or provides the mood that it wants to exude.

10. Artistic elements on your products. It maybe something simple like a thank you note or a tag, but if there is a design element to it, it is something the consumer may appreciate.

5th October, 2017 Art | Digital Art