Moulding Artists of The Post War Era

Sri Lanka’s thirty year old civil war has been a redefining experience to Sri Lankans across the nation, and the formation of emerging artists in this atmosphere of trauma is a phenomenon that deserves scrutiny. ‘Being and Becoming’, curated by T. Shanaathanan held at Saskia Fernando Gallery explored this subject through the works of art by ten artists who graduated in 2016 from the University of Jaffna.

The exhibition was indeed a well-intended endeavor to capture the nuances and underpinnings of beginning one’s career as a contemporary artist with a vision for the sustenance of the practice of art making. The aim of the exhibition was also to provide an answer to the question “why art?” amidst many graduates making deliberate decisions to engage in more stable career paths than artistry. ‘Being and Becoming’ included the works of Sivagananam Kirushan, Pakkiyarajah Rupaneethan, Muhammed Farook Fathima Fazla, Ansarr Mohammed Muvais, Francis Joseph Hemashironi, Catharina Anton, Suntharam Anojan, Geetha Kanthavel, Vincent Chanthiradas Vimal and Manoharan Prashath.

We were captivated by the works of Muhammed Farook Fathima Fazla whose attempt to question the importance given to the status of marriage in local cultural setting reflected deeper discussion on the
elements that constitute a marriage whilst questioning its validity provocatively.

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19th June, 2018 Visual Art | Paintings

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