Hope Through Art

“Being creative is not only for leisure time. It is a way of life.” Yet seldom are the chances of it turning into a reality for those less privileged. There are so many artistically talented people in Sri Lanka. Some of them are less privileged and rarely get the opportunity to showcase their work or get a job in the creative industry. These hidden talents do deserve a voice. Iridescene can be identified as one such project which is initiated to provide a voice for those in need. Iridescene is a Non- Profit Organization that aims to teach art to the less fortunate and marginalized individuals in Sri Lanka. The visions of those children are voiced to the world through their respective fields of interest in art through showcases such as art exhibitions, magazines, short movies and websites. The organization is not only focused at children and they do provide support for those individuals with unique and fresh talents whom they come across. By linking with local organizations, Iridescence has strengthened the children’s education and general wellbeing. The individuals are provided with financial support through sales of their works of art and the development projects with a focus on leadership and the arts.

Apart from supporting the budding creative individuals, Iridescene has launched charity projects as well. Their current project is a pay-it-forward campaign. They send free books to people in the hope of creating a community of paying-it-forward. The community is able to be a part of this project as well. You are able to donate books to them as well. You can either drop it off at their drop off point The Black Cat Café or post it to them.

For the year 2017, Iridescence has launched a long-term project at the slums in Maradana where they would be teaching art, craft and design for the children. Iridescene has linked up with several orphanages in Colombo where they would be conducting art-based sessions to help children de-stress once a month. This project is launched with the aim of being transformed into a long-term art therapy program with proper qualified individuals in the future.

Do have a look at their website and be a part of this worthy cause.


27th March, 2017 Art | Paintings