Degree Show by The Department of Visual and Technological Arts

The final year students of the Department of Visual and Technological Arts, Swami Vipulanantha Institute of Aesthetic Studies are proud to announce the first Degree Show held by a graduating class in the history of the Institute. The students and staff members under the new guidelines, changes in curriculum and teaching style have fostered and organized this exhibition as a part of the examinations giving insight, portraying and showcasing the future direction of the Institute. Renowned artist, Mr. Pushpakanthan amalgamated and coordinated the Degree Show 2019, through a thorough scrutinity, and a critically skilled process, overseen under the supervision of distinguished Dr. Mariah Lookman, researcher, writer and artist who joined the SVIAS team as Academic Consultant for the Department of Visual and Technological Arts in 2017.

After much experimentation and dedication, and critical evaluation, the brilliant students have created and crafted artistic and dexterous pieces in a variety of mediums. These include drawing, painting, multimedia installation, digital work, and sculpture. The young artists in the class of 2013/14 have taken up socially relevant issues, addressed local knowledge systems including craft and handcraft traditions, and have used the artistic medium for self-examination and reflection on culture. The students are pleased to exhibit these works publicly and communicate their ideas with a general audience. This exhibition stands as a model for their university and will help interdisciplinary study and place their students within the wider society while also creating a broader awareness of contemporary art and culture. Through their outstanding work in this exhibition, the students persist on growing and maturing into highly skilled artists; evolving, exploring and creating, they aspire to reach exemplary goals, through ambitious notions and interpretive perspectives.

The exhibition will take place from 5-8 February 2019 from 9 am to 8:30 pm at Swami Vipulanantha Institute of Aesthetic Studies, Eastern University of Sri Lanka, Kallady campus, Batticaloa.

6th February, 2019 Visual Art | Paintings