The Obscure by The Secret Garden

“Look deeper into the nature and you will understand everything better.” The Obscure is about having a closer look at the nature, into the objects which are given trivial attention to.

The Obscure is the latest edition of the annual exhibitions by The Secret Garden. The Secret Garden is an initiative by Priscilla Caren. The art education which she got from Cora Abraham Art School has inspired her to open ‘The Secret Garden’, her own art school. The Secret Garden addresses the issues which disrupt the relationships between children, adults and nature through artistic expression. The gatherings are inspired to connect and reconnect with the nature through art of any form. The Secret Garden is an art school of the unconventional nature. The courses of the educational modes begin by encouraging the pupils to experience the bliss of nature. It can be simply taking a walk along the shorelines of the beach or enjoying the scent of earth after a rainy day. All the children are given the freedom to express what they desire irrespective of the conventional learning methods. They are constantly reminded that art is interpretive. “Art sometimes comes out as deep emotion and in turn helps one understand what the work means to them”.

The Secret Garden holds an exhibition annually. This year the exhibition is titled “The Obscure”. The artworks are inspired by the microscopic images and lichens. The exhibition consists of works of art such as paintings, drawings, sculpture and pottery which looks deeper into the mesmerising world of microorganisms. The exhibition would take place on the 30th of September and 1st of October at JDA Perera Gallery. This year celebrates the 8th creative years of The Secret Garden as well.  

29th September, 2017 Art | Paintings