H Jean-Marin SCHUH, Ambassador of France to Sri Lanka and the Maldives on Bonjour Cinema 2018

What do you wish to celebrate through Bonjour Cinema with the Sri Lankan audience?

Bonjour Cinema 2018 is a brand new concept in partnership with Ceylon Theaters and ARTRA Magazine presenting the best of contemporary cinema. I believe that cinema is a very powerful medium that builds a platform for expression and encourages one’s creativity; and that is what we want to celebrate through this project. For this year’s edition, we will not only organize a festival but a number of films on a monthly basis throughout the year showcasing French film rendez-vous. The series of movies will be screened in venues such as the Alliance Française de Kotte in Colombo, the Empire Cineplex and Majestic City Cineplex with subtitles in English.

What do you personally admire about contemporary French cinema ?

What I personally appreciate in contemporary French Cinema is its tolerant and open nature, which explores every segment of society. It reflects society as it is while representing the past as it was. I believe French cinema is watchful and consensual which is neither aggressive nor activist in its portrayal of characters, scenes or dialogues.  On the contrary, it expresses the contemporary reality to the audience in a naturalized way.

How do you think technology has impacted and influenced the way art is made and shared among global audiences?

Thanks to modern technology, larger audiences from big cities have access to films at a lower cost, which enable the showcasing of a myriad of cultures from a single geography.  Actually, in comparison to the global cinema a couple of decades back, it is clearly visible that there is a great enthusiasm especially among the youth. 3D technology and online platforms have greatly contributed to the growth of this field although one must note that solutions need to be found with relation to the easy accessibility in the creation process, which could possibly tamper with the development of cinematic content and portrayal.


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