Bonjour Cinema 2018

Bonjour Cinema! by the French Embassy of Sri Lanka and Alliance Francaise de Kotte in partnership with Ceylon Theaters and ARTRA Magazine is driven towards exposing local audiences to contemporary art house cinema. The venture includes recently released successful French cinematic pieces being screened at Empire Cineplex, Majestic City Cineplex and Alliance Francaise de Kotte. The film ‘Polina, danser sa vie’ (2016) was screened on the 28th of March at Allianse Francaise de Kotte at 7pm as the third film of Bonjour Cinema! for the year 2018. ‘Polina, danser sa vie’ is a film directed by Valérie Müller and Angelin Preljocaj based on the graphic novel Polina by Bastien Vives. The film recounts the story of a young Russian girl and her struggles as an emerging dancer of ballet.

The film focuses entirely on Polina’s passion for dancing and how her dedication and motivation drive her towards success despite various downfalls in her personal life. The film includes a cast headed by Anastasia Shevtsova as Polina and Veronika Zhovnytska as Young Polina alongside Juliette Binoche, Aleksei Guskov and Jérémie Bélingard, with Binoche and Shevtsova being largely praised for the portrayal of their respective characters of Polina and Liria. ‘Polina, danser sa vie’ was screened as part of the Venice Days programme at the 73rd Venice International Film Festival. The movie for the month of April, “Tamara” (2016) will be screened on the 18th of April. The film is directed by Alexandre Castagnetti, and presents the story of Tamara, a young high school girl learning to come into terms with her body image as a young adult. The portrayal of Tamara by French actress Héloïse Martin is noteworthy for her intensive depiction of issues faced by young adults such as bullying and coming into terms with one’s body.

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2nd May, 2018 Visual Art | Pop Culture & Art

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