Amesh Wijesekara

Amesh Wijesekera is an embodiment of the avant-garde. We found his recent collection that was showcased at Fashion Scout 2017, an international showcase for fashion pioneers during London Fashion Week culminating a colorful and symbolic play of Sri Lankan motifs presented through global standards of high fashion. This collection titled ‘SRI’ creatively conjoins local craft with modern techniques such as dip dyeing and screen prints to enhance the visual narrative which we found discerningly embedded throughout the collection.

The seeds of Amesh’s imaginative impulses took root in an upbringing surrounded by creative personalities primarily engaged with architecture and interior design. His mother, an interior designer, played a pivotal role in allowing the future icon to understand the particularities of material dynamism from an innocuously young age.

Purpose of Design

After having been educated at St. Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia, Amesh proceeded with the choice to study at the Academy of Design, commencing on the BA Honours course in Fashion and Textile Design. With this decision the young creative became the first fashion designer in his family, after having given much thought to the practice and study of architecture. It was understood that fashion isn’t and perhaps shouldn’t be simply about the matter of designing wearable apparel, and that the potential of it could speak of wider and grander thematic visions with respective contextual narratives. As architecture holds the responsibility of guiding the movement of people and their place in history, it seems that this artist held onto the steadfast belief and understanding that design cultures have an integral part to play, in communicating criticism through reinventing expected norms and the educative possibilities within life, style and design.

Building on his Practice

During the time spent on the course, exposure to the working processes of the retail industry proved fruitful. The designer took advantage of the opportunity to educate himself further on the technicalities of material design, eventually opening up collaborative projects with working brands in the field. Such happenings ranged from the productive capabilities of denim manufacturers to that of swimwear, respectively spread across consecutive years, placing Amesh directly in line with industrial design work. The designer’s experience with print manufacturers proved critical and crucial to his development as the nature of textile printing was dissected and revised, with many boundaries redefined in the process and experimented upon...

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12th December, 2017 Applied Art

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