The Sarie Series by Border and Fall | Presented by PR in partnership with ARTRA Magazine

The applied art of fashion is about reflecting art and aesthetic appeal in the everyday. The screening of ‘The Sari Series’ alongside the launch of the latest collection of saris and designer wear by Indian designer Rashmi Varma at the PR Concept Store was exuberant in its experimentation with applied art through the medium of film, a form of visual art.

Designer Rashmi Varma of Indian descent has an early background in interior design and architecture, fashion, film as well as theatre, making her a connoisseur of art in its multidisciplinary form. The film ‘The Sari Series’ was created by Border and Fall, of which Varma is a creative source, and the screening, organized by PR Concept Store in partnership with ARTRA Magazine was held on the 29th of June at Saskia Fernando Gallery. ‘The Sari Series’ is a non-profit venture anthologising and documenting regional sari drapes in India with a collection of digital short films. This exclusive film screening was organized with the aim of exposing the cultural connotations behind the sari, while also encouraging a perception shift about the garment itself. The films shown consisted of several demonstrations of how to drape the sari in various ways and the three independent films ‘Sundar Sari’ by Pooja Kaul, ‘Sari Men’ by Q and a modern dance interpretation piece by Bon Duke.

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15th August, 2018 Applied Art

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