The Sound Room

Music has the wonderful ability to heighten our experiences. It can impact our emotions, transcend and strengthen present awareness, and inspire us to be the best we can be. The Sound Room invites one and all to join in on this euphoric session to experience and feel as waves of sound go through the mind, how it resonates the whole body, and touches the soul. This performance is more than just a musical experience and will take place on Wednesday, March 13 2019 at 09:00 pm to 10:30 pm at Musicmatters.

The Sound Room is a space hosting three brilliant artists, Isuru Kumarasinghe, Sumudi Suraweera and Sarani Perera; a space to experience sound not just by ear, but by body, by soul: holistically. Come experience the sound room. Sit and feel as some of waves go through your mind and how it resonates your whole body. This performance is more than just a musical experience.

People’s experience of and reactions to sound and music could possibly be an intriguing subject in our day-to-day lives. In some circumstances sound associated with music is often no more than a background to other activities and listening is somewhat absent-minded while in others it is a matter of focused listening and indicate that music serves important personal functions, for example, to evoke pleasant memories, relieve distress, or enhance or change the present mood. Instead of heading home on a Wednesday night, why not head over to Musicmatters and experience how music and sound becomes a vibrant colour to a blank canvas, and can improve perception, memory and concentration, while sparking passion, stimulating activity and igniting tension within one’s body, soul and mind.

The Sound Room is an exhibition of music, sounds for the senses; introducing Isuru Kumarasinghe who first began his journey creating his own music with computer software, Isuru’s fascination led him towards the esoteric nature of the simple act of listening through sound, experiencing an acoustic outlook, and perceiving the intuitive sound familiarity from within. While being selfeducated in all aspects of music, and having worked alone, his collaborations with theatre and dance groups steered him to work alongside the Chamber Music Society of Colombo: Terry Riley’s In C with live sound manipulation/ Improvisation at Colomboscope 2014, Theertha Performance Platform 2015 sound performance; ‘When Cage Birds Sings’ by Gayathri Kemadas; ‘Dancing in the Dark’ by Venuri Perera; Isaac Smith, and more; including Colomboscope 2015, Norient: Seismographic Sounds in Germany 2015 mixtape of Sri Lankan contemporary music; Down Town Pulse: 2012, 2014, 2016. He is currently a part of the Music Matters collective.

Sumudi Suraweera achieved his doctorate in Ethnomusicology in 2010 from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. His research focused on Sri Lankan Low-Country traditional drumming. Prior to this, in 2005, he completed a Bachelor of Music in jazz, majoring in drums, with first-class honours. In his own ensembles Sumudi leans his focus on experimentation with Sri Lankan traditional musical material. Aside from the Baliphonics, he has initiated a number of other collaborative groups including the Serendib Sorcerers and the Musicmatters Transcoastal Collective. Suraweera has been a performing jazz musician in New Zealand for ten years and has performed in some of the major Arts and Jazz Festivals around New Zealand.

Sarani Perera, currently guitar player and member of The Soul, a renowned band that exudes eclectic, electric, and a more diverse genre of music. A wizard not only at the guitar but also piano, theory and ensemble, Sarani has, under his belt, more works and compilations than one can count on both hands, including ‘Thriloka’, a band driven by a focus on improvised music inspired by traditional Sri Lankan sounds, within a rock-band setting, ‘Music For All’ by The Sri Lanka Norway Music Cooperation and a collection of other festivals held by Musicmatters.

Musicmatters, established in 2010, is a highly regarded music school and concert hall that provides an environment where students are given the skills to become creative musicians. Successfully introducing an alternative exemplary for Western music education in Sri Lanka, the program has earned a reputation for its enjoyable and practical approach to music, in contrast with the traditional exam-oriented instruction methods. Including its horizon of entertaining inclusions, Musicmatters offers several programmes for children of different ages including comprehensive sessions in which instrument tuition, ensemble work and theory lessons are designed to complement each other in scope, while matching the students’ skill levels. Working quite differently from regular programs, the establishment gives students frequent opportunities to perform in concerts in front of small and large audiences, both in solo and group settings. Centrally located with purpose built teaching and rehearsal studios, Musicmatters offers an excellent environment in which students can attentively learn whilst having fun, enjoying the benefits of music education that transcend across to all other aspects of their lives.

Entrance tickets are priced at 300LKR, collect your tickets now !

12th March, 2019 Music