Daily ARTRA together with Park Street Mews

Daily ARTRA, in partnership with Park Street Mews proudly presented a pop-up performance of Chains, a theatre-dance collaboration between Red Creatives (Singapore), Aru Sri Art Theatre (Sri Lanka) and Sai Shree Arts (India). The performance was the first in a series of unique experiences by Daily ARTRA with the aim of recreating art in unconventional spaces, allowing larger groups of people engage with the aesthetics of performance. Park Street Mews, a hot spot for nightlife and fine dining in Colombo was utilized for the experimental performance of curated contemporary dance to reach new audiences.

The pop-up, held on the 30th of June at Park Street Mews was a precursor to the musical held at the Lionel Wendt on the 6th of July. Chains, is the story of Vichitra, the female protagonist whose experiences are narrated by the personified voice of Solitude, in rich musical prose accompanied by soulful world music. The narrative is inspired by real life incidents penned into a trilogy of short stories by A. K. Srikanth about Vichitra’s love for a boy with Aspergers Syndrome, climaxing in her exile. Later, as an older woman Vichitra struggles with her identity as a wife when she fights solitude and ultimately decides to make peace with it.

The pop-up performance of Chains presented the audience with a profound impression of the musical with a moving sensibility. Eight artistes clad in black leotards positioned at strategic points at Park Street Mews slowly moved to the center isle of the arena to the hum of a deep based voice and froze into poses in succession. The deep hum immediately captured the attention of a new audience simultaneously enjoying nightlife on an evening at the isle of the venue. The hum was then followed by the Dance of Adamance during which the eight artistes captured the harrowing nostalgia of the character of Vichitra.

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15th August, 2018 Performance Art

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