Bonjour Cinema 2019

Cinema has been one of the greatest influences in our modern life. Filmmakers demonstrating a predilection for alternative cinema aesthetics intend to raise the critical consciousness of the spectators in terms of societal issues, cultural nuances, and harmony that surpasses. Bonjour Cinéma, organized by the Embassy of France in Sri Lanka and Alliance Française de Kotte, is a whole season of French Film screenings scheduled over the course of the year. An attempt to foster the cultural diversity in Sri Lanka, the profound initiative emerges this year with yet another exceptional series of French films to open the eyes and minds of old and younger generations. Bonjour Cinéma aims at bringing free cultural activities that entertain, educate and improve cross-cultural understanding, to both Sri Lanka and the international community.

‘Astérix et le domaine des Dieux’ which translates to ‘Asterix: The Mansion of Gods’ marked the beginning of Bonjour Cinéma on February 27th at Majestic City Cineplex. The popular tale of the Roman Empire, its conquering and history, grappled with the mindset of the audience. ‘La Cuisine des Justes’, is a documentary about culinary traditions of France extolling wine culture and epicurism, through a description of the lives of Gérard and Catherine Bosse, two restaurant owners which was held on 15th of March at the National Film Corporation. The directors Emmanuel Morice and Nicolas Thomä who were present at the film screening initiated an interactive discussion with the audience, detailing how this film aims to show the links between gastronomy and wine.“Knowledge, humility, love and passion were the predominant aspects that I wanted to capture about the chef and the wine maker. The everyday life of farmers is at the heart of ‘Petit Paysan’, a film that was presented at the 2017 Cannes Festival- the renowned French film festival, is also a part of the selection of films which was screened on 16th of March at the National Film Corporation.

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