Sumaiya Fawaz

When one thinks of minimalism, one thinks of simplicity. A great way to capture minimalism in visual art is through monochrome perspectives and our Artist of the Week this time, does exactly that.

Ink is an ancient writing and drawing medium in liquid or paste form, traditionally black or brown in colour – used to create art, the medium through which it is expressed gives depth to the subject. Daily ARTRA’s Artist of the Week, Sumaiya Fawaz brings to life subjects on paper, through ink.
Self-taught artist, Sumaiya Fawaz is based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. In conversation with her, we found that art has always been an answer even though she had not had professional guidance, “I have made drawings and sketched since I was a child, and the main play-toys I’d been provided with during my childhood were drawing books and a set of coloured pencils.”

When asked about her encounter with art and how she’d begun her endeavour, Sumaiya explained to us the great sense of escapism that comes with creating art. Art, is a source and interpretation; it is a source of emotion, of mental and physical being but it is interpreted depending on an individual’s perspective. “I prefer monochromatic art to represent all what influence and inspires me throughout my life. I’ve been working in ink to present my artwork in many ways”, Sumaiya elaborates. We found that, to Sumaiya, art is a recreation of her memory, bits and pieces of a language with which she lives. This notion reflects in her use of monochromatic pieces, a substitute to colours, for sometimes, memories are often viewed in black and white. With her practice in monochromatic art, she pours out onto pages, how ink spills out of her pen, her inspirations and ambitions, allowing the viewer a glimpse into her mind

Artists are often driven by determination, a cause perhaps. Artists create a space that exists as platforms to speak to society, and address their audience, and convey a message. While she is still practicing and navigating through the world of art, she insists a future that will allow her vision to be perceived, “I’m practicing and looking forward to be a full-time artist that will allow my visualization to be expressed to the world, in a monochromatic manner.” When we asked Sumaiya what inspires her to create, to innovate and to express, she told us about perfection and precision; it is the unspoken concept that as human beings, society strives to achieve perfection, and to achieve perfection, Sumaiya uses her key element – precision. What makes her art most interesting is the attention to detail she pays each work of art. An observer understand her drawing through building a relationship with each inch of ink, carefully and intimately portrayed on a canvas.

Sumaiya’s collection of birds and automobiles are an unlikely combination. However, each piece depicts a story. Her collection of vehicles comes from a place of childhood, and a relationship with her father, “My father was often discussing about them and that’s when the interest was evoked within me. Since then I had a passion for vintage vehicles.” The intricate detailing on different species of birds is achieved by careful study and avid determination. Inspired by the distinct separation in each specie due to proper aspects, she set out to capture them. In one piece. She draws a lone fledgling, cawing; her imprints of ink allow for a minimalistic approach and vivid perspective while in a different piece, she encapsulates a bird midflight - birds in flight have become simple concepts when artists capture minimalism, causing a viewer to assume that it was,  perhaps it is a minimalistic perspective. Not only does she bring alive a subject through ink, but also through dexterously adding depth in skilled lines and curves.

Sumaiya Fawaz’s works of art have explored ‘Minimalism’ intriguingly. Her collection and medium through which she narrates her story blend in harmony, inciting in us, not only the understanding between artist and her pen, but also a subject in its distinct perspectives.

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1st April, 2019 Visual Art | Paintings