Anup Vega is a self-taught artist who began the conversation by fondly talking of his place of birth ‘Monkey Rock’, which he translated to English from the commonly used term ‘Wandurugala’. While infusing humour and wordplay from the beginning, in many ways, he set the stage in unravelling his fascinating spiritual personality.

Since childhood, Anup was brought up in an environment energized with an appreciation for aestheticism, as his father was a professional photographer. His childhood playground was his father’s studio where he played with analog cameras with great delight. As a curious kid, he would accompany his father during his wild trips to capture beauty in all its forms. It was during these wanderings that Anup developed his love for nature, the luscious surroundings of his village and most of all, his love for art, which he pursued a professional career nearly two decades ago.

Anup has not been a keen follower of the norms of contemporary society. His only joyful recallings of his school days were the times he took to sketch and doodle on the nooks and corners of his school books, which did not see the daylights of the intended academic subject matter. After his tiresome journey through the ordinary level of formal education, he ventured into the exploration of his passion – art.

Anup has been an art enthusiast since an early age, which took him to the galleries in Colombo whereby he used to muse upon paintings, especially those of Laki Senanayake whose works evoked his ecstatic love for botany. During this period, Anup also embarked upon the practices of Indian meditation when he came across Osho, a well-known spiritual master, whom he revered to a great extent. With the awareness of Osho’s spiritual practices, Anup engaged in active methods of meditation which helped him connect with his essence, he believes. “For a couple of years after I left school, I wondered about what I wanted to do with my life and eventually found a sense of grounding through the teachings of Master Osho”. It was at this point that he realized that he wanted to engage in the arts...

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21st August, 2017 Visual Art | Paintings