Colombo Fashion Week 2022

Colombo Fashion Week (CFW), founded in 2003 by Ajai Vir Singh with a vision to impact, define and revive local fashion, has expanded the boundaries of the industry together with CEO Fazeena Rajabdeen by promoting the works of Sri Lankan designers and fashion through multi-pronged facets. Whilst showcasing Sri Lanka’s fashion design platform to the world, CFW has taken steps to signify local fashion by using a riveting curatorial approach built upon innovation and inventive presentation. Continuing its course in creating a more responsible environment through the fashion industry, this year, CFW ‘Accelerates’ into ‘Green Conscious, Earth Sensitive’. This edition of HSBC Colombo Fashion Week intensifies its focus on developing a fashion eco-system that has Environmental and Societal wellbeing at its heart by introducing its theme Green Conscious and Earth Sensitive. This season which is planned for 24th to 26th of February expands its scope in the new normal environment by developing a series of programs that not only supports Emerging Designers but also create a system that allows designers to have sustainability at the core of their design philosophy.

In 2022, CFW, a development organization, enters its 19th year, throughout this time emerging designer program has remained a key initiative of CFW. This year it extends this program further by announcing the HSBC Fashion Fund for high potential designers who showcase at Colombo Fashion Week. This fund focuses on supporting designers who need financial assistance to move ahead in these challenging times. The HSBC Emerging Designer Fashion Fund will identify five high potential young designers through a panel. The names will be announced after evaluation at the end of February 2022.

CFW, a developmental platform started in 2003, in a systematic manner, created formats that demand transformation across the key pillars that would define a fashion industry. CFW’s mission is to establish, develop and maintain an efficient fashion eco-system that incubates the best of Sri Lankan fashion design. The various companies of CFW focus on different aspects of fashion, from fashion week platforms, creative events, media, sustainable fashion, education-based programs, and fashion brands. 

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17th February, 2022 Applied Art | Sustainable Design