The Octagonal Classic

The ideologies that follow the connotations and applications of geometry are
 often acknowledged as omnipresent, as it is recognized that shapes, form and structure are universal in the continuing course of living, be it that which we are surrounded by or what we perceive, observe and study. The identification and utilization of shapes becomes vital to one’s cognition,
for critical thinking and for living. A prominent form that follows much of our lives is that of the octagon; an eight-sided polygon, which has many symbolic connotations and has been observed as a significant aspect in architecture and living. 

The iconic eyewear brand was first founded in 1936 by the Bausch and Lomb Company in Rochester, New York; the Ray-Ban was integral to the classic Americana and retro style. Originally what began as a singularly functional item of eyewear for pilots, the brand has since built an outstanding reputation in the accessory industry, garnering much attention for their stylistic and timeless sunglasses that surpass standards in functionality and exceeds in its design, having appeared on the faces of many renowned film stars and musicians as well as defining eras after making appearances in award-winning films and setting stereotypes. Recognized for its distinct designs and styles, the Ray-Ban Octagonal Classic is unique work of eyewear piece that imitates the shape inbetween that of a circle and square. 

‘Round goes Octagonal!’ As new shapes and innovative shades evolve, the Octagonal Classic descends from its legend profile, with a retro classic and unique personality. Concurrently a covert, deluxe and revolutionary concept, the unconventional new octagonal shape reinvents the fine golden metal profiles of Ray-Ban classics with new exceptional quality flat crystal lenses in cool flash colours to reflect and represent the daring spirit of contemporary icons coupled with a fresh perspective on sophistication. Subsequently styled in resilient metal with extra-slim tubular temples, this lightweight, versatile golden emerges with a more classic take on edgy urban design. With their distinctive frame shape, the Octagonal Classics unisex shades flatter both soft or angular features, a fluid juxtaposition complementing round, square, and triangular faces. The design allows, with the adjustable nose pads and the flexible metal temples with a comfort coating, the wearer to create an exact fit.  

A rather clandestine pair of sunglass models in the world, the Ray-Ban Octagonal Classic Sunglasses were designed after the Octagonal 1972 Legend. A timelessly classic model that is a culmination of style, finesse and function, it fluently moulds style and functionality as it adapts to diverse shapes of faces. Outlined in a distinctly inimitable shape of an octagon, with a polished gold metal frame, and temples in sophisticated curvature around the bridge of the nose, the Octagonal Classic stand out for its artistic persona. Emerging through an array of refined shades of blue, brown and bronze-copper as well as brown and green classics and gunmetal grey gradients, they provide the greatest visual clarity and protects from the sun and its ultraviolet rays. Its Digital Surface Technology is engineered to enhance the visuals that you see, crystal clear with an extra wide field of vision. Engraved with Ray-Ban’s branded signature, the Octagonal Classic is a result of more than seventy years of innovation that eliminates glare, increases visual clarity, enhances contrast and reduces eye strain. The sleek, ultra-thin frames are feather light, and the metal construction resists corrosion, resulting in a durable pair of sunglasses. 

But what makes the Octagonal Classic stand out from the rest? Frankly, its shape, form and symbolic implications. The octagon is unique for its form that is inherently a structure of support, perceived as a fundamental vehicle of balanced structure in terms of its application in art and architecture. A study by Educator, Mark Reynolds showed that in renowned artist Leonardo Da Vinci’s architectural drawings there
is a recurring use of the octagon, further clarifying the eminent artist’s use of this contour in the architectural foundation of many religious buildings such as the Brunelleschi’s dome, of which Leonardo’s drawing presents the octagon as the centering support. It was noted in the educator’s study that the octagon, through extension of the square, enhances a structure that provided the esteemed art personality a geometric solution
 for centrally designed ecclesiastical architecture where harmony is maintained rhythmically in design as well. The theoretical elements that follow the
 shape of the eight-sided polygon from its capacity to draw synchronization and equilibrium, is instinctually interpretive 
of the Ray-Ban Octagonal Classic’s architecturally inspired structure to the physiognomies of its statuesque flair,
 that which contributes to its iconic aesthetic while remaining timeless and chic.    

The theoretical elements that follow the shape of the eight-sided polygon from its capacity to draw synchronization and equilibrium, is instinctually interpretive of the Ray-Ban Octagonal Classic’s ability to suit diverse face shapes from soft and angular to sharp and triangular. Such is the elasticity and fluidity through which the iconic sunglass exists, as it adapts most inventively to the wearer and alludes to effortless style and finesse. The exceptional outline of the Ray-Ban Octagonal Classic from architecturally inspired structure to the physiognomies of its statuette flair, is that which contributes to its iconic aesthetic while remaining timeless and chic, adding to the an eclectic visual appeal to the wearer.  

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22nd June, 2021 Applied Art | Sustainable Design