Ray-Ban Hexagonal

In nature, we find an amalgamation of objects that are a culmination of shapes from the circular form of the earth and moon to the elliptical outline of the earth’s orbit. Shapes are ubiquitous in the existence and presence of nature. The hexagon, in particular, is a form that nature adopts more frequently than others which constitutes an intriguing configuration, unlike its counterparts. It is simpler to explain the shape of the hexagon as the perfect balance between the equality of the circle and the angularity of a polygon and thus, is a fluid fixture that provides stability. The six-sided shape is emblematic of the nexus that is at the centre of all universal objects – the focal point of universal coherence. Subsequently, it then becomes the perfect form to take shape of Ray-Ban’s Hexagonal sunglass.

The Bausch and Lomb Company in Rochester, New York first founded the iconic eyewear brand in 1936 of which the Ray-Ban was integral to the classic Americana and retro style. Originally what began as a singularly functional item of eyewear for pilots, the brand has since built an outstanding reputation in the accessory industry, garnering much attention for their stylistic and timeless sunglasses that surpass standards in functionality and exceeds in its design, having appeared on the faces of many renowned film stars and musicians as well as defining eras after making appearances in award-winning films and setting stereotypes. Recognized for its distinct designs and styles, the Ray-Ban Hexagonal is an inimitable work of eyewear piece.

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21st December, 2021 Applied Art | Architecture