Darshi Keerthisena

Continuing a family endeavor that was initiated in her village, Kosvadiya by her parents, Darshi Keerthisena celebrates the ethnic tardition of batiks through her fashion design store 'Buddhi Batiks', named after her father and Founder of the concept. Darshi replenished certain conventions used in the trade by experimenting with materials and designs that generally wouldn't be associated with batiks. This resulted in the production of unique designerwear to the industry, which lead to the reputation Darshi has built for her collections. 

Darshi grew up around batik - making fields ever since she was a child, as her father's factory was in her home backyard. As a child, this was her playground and she was closely acquainted with the staff at the factory, so much so that some of them still work with her even after the switch of leadership from her father to herself. The story of how batiks came to play in the lives of Darshi's family is a romantic one. "My mother wanted to gift a batik shirt to my father on  his birthday. A gentleman in my village Kosvadiya was known for his batik work and was asked to design this shirt according to my father's liking, yet he was unable to finish it on time. My mother was quite unset about this and in order to comfort her, my father suggested that they make one themselves. My father was quite creative so naturally, it worked out well and eventually turned into a business of considerable scale. "

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16th May, 2017 Applied Art