In Conversation with Brahmanage Premalal & Shehana Brahmanage of Prime Grand, Ward Place

The interaction between the measures of a real- estate personality and those of preserving cultural heritage derive from the interlinking roots of architecture. In fact, where architecture is perceived to be a cultural symbol or a reflection of civilization, the roles of real estate prove to be those that are focused on conserving the building or landscape for future generations, while securing an environmental and cultural return. The relationship between the two disciplines however, not only comprise knowledge of science, arts and technology but most significantly, humanity; the interaction augments and enlightens a community on the discerning of the architectural style, lifestyle and traditions of past cultural bodies to implement into new generations through their perception of the architectural culture and heritage. The Chairman of Prime Group, Brahmanage Premalal and, Director of Prime Group Shehana Brahmanage converse with ARTRA in sharing insight on contemporary living, life style and the role of heritage in today’s cosmopolitan landscape.

Brahmanage Premalal is a renowned entrepreneur in Sri Lanka and has piloted Prime Group to its current status as one of Sri Lanka’s most renowned real estate developers within just two decades. With her studies in England relating to Accounting and Finance, Shehana Brahmanage has started endeavouring in the path of her father in joining hands to strive towards the future of real estate in Sri Lanka. Under the leadership of Brahmanage Premalal, Prime Group has won awards in the national and the international arena, including being crowned the Best Developer in Sri Lanka by Property Guru Asia.

The group’s flagship luxury project Prime Grand, Ward Place in Colombo 7 is one of the finest high-rise buildings in Sri Lanka and the only high rise prominently situated at the centre of Ward Place. It is noteworthy to mention that due to a plethora of rules and regulations that have come in and tightened after the implementation of the project, ensures that Prime Grand, Ward Place will be the only high-rise in Colombo 07. Named after one of the most prominent British Governors, Henry George Ward, the prestigious street hosts crucial nuances of heritage and historicity. A particularly cultured and sophisticated neighbourhood in Colombo, Ward Place is an iconic, coveted location surrounded by profound and notable establishments. The space has always been a part of creative energy in the heart of artistic resonance. Ward Place now sees an alternative rise of contemporary living through Prime Grand. In our conversation with Brahmanage Premalal and Shehana Brahmanage, we identify the roles and extents to which the systems of real-estate, architecture and design can blend to create ingenious approaches of contemporary luxury living in a local context.

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Q | As a developer, how did you approach contemporary living while also respecting characteristics of the Sri Lankan vernacular through Prime Grand ?

Shehana | From the age old past, us Sri Lankans have always cherished seclusion of our homes yet combined with a sense of community. We have given our utmost effort in trying to cater to that spirit by creating the most private apartment residencies in the whole of Sri Lanka. We have achieved that by implementing privacy cavities between each apartment to ensure our residents enjoy the privacy felt from a detached house. While providing much needed seclusion, these cavities also afford each apartment plenty of sunlight and fresh air. Further, our elevators open to private lift lobbies as opposed to residencies entrances and strategically positioned to provide utmost privacy. Even the overarching design ethos of having one tower with two separate wings promotes utmost privacy as it is designed to ensure no apartment overlooks one another.



7th October, 2019 Applied Art