Jat Holdings

‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’ stated artist Leonardo da Vinci, one of the most influential artists in history, having left a legacy not only in the realm of art but in science as well. Although da Vinci painted the customary religious scenes of his era, such as the Magi and the Madonna and child, his unique placement of key figures, his signature techniques are based upon simplicity. The notion of simplicity deals with essential elements of art from clean lines to space, reveals and emphasizes the objective, the purely visual aspects of a work of art. When simplicity merges with minimalism, chaos and disorder are replaced with harmony and balance.

Minimalism is a way or style of making an art form prominent. Da Vinci’s innovative breaks from the artistic standards of his day guide generations of artists that followed and continues to enrich mankind. His paintings and drawings influence artists and designers in particular for its mystical and intriguing character. They defines the nature of the subject in simplistic forms to hold true to its fundamentals. The simplicity emphasized in visual art is reflected in applied art as well. Cube is SEA’s timeless wardrobe of seamless finesse of visual harmony. In fact the SEA Collection resonates with a minimal design ethos in harmony with artistic standards. Cube, in fact reminds us artist Rafael Soto’s work of art titled Cube with ambiguous space, oscillating between geometry and organic forms. The basic geometric forms, simple materials, and repetition of elements bring a sense of order. In fact artist Soto turns the gallery space into an all-encompassing, kinetic installation that connects the viewer with the constructed environment through Cube.

Similarly, the pleasing design of the doors of SEA’s cube heightens its sophistications. Bringing a sense of refinement to the living space, SEA wardrobes reflect a holistic design approach to interior and furnishing, enhancing lifestyles through the creation of stimulating environments of visual harmony. In fact, to declutter our minds from chaos and complications, we must start decluttering our living space. JAT Holdings through the lens of contemporary design celebrates SEA’s craftsmanship, exceptional design, and quality of materials used. These bespoke furniture are designed with meticulous detail in terms of color and material. Generally, muted colors are a default of space, and the SEA Cube wardrobe integrates design perceptions into form and function. Each SEA Wardrobe design is unique and stylish combining technology, innovation and perfection with a mirror finish that adds a novel dimension to the living space. With their extensive collection of wardrobes, SEA extends a visual experience as well as carrying out functionality in interior spaces.

With the options of press-to-open smooth doors or small geometric inserts that act as handles, Cube is refined and upholds a bespoke aestheticism. Cube + is an elegant addition with overhead units to maximize the storage space. Motion brings about more width and fluid movement. Its sliding doors follow a continuously silent purist and simple view. Cube assimilates the timeliness and functionality of minimalism and inculcates the necessity of design influence and aesthetic harmony in lifestyle.

Elevating the quality of life, the beauty of living space is a combination of furnishing, interior and architecture in one vision. Architecture sets up the dialogue between the site and nature to create a relationship with the building and it is the interior design that accentuates the architectural aesthetics. As opposed to emptiness, minimalist design is about the creative use of simple forms. Behind minimalist interior lies the impression of harmony where the interior does not attempt to hide, overwhelm or separate spaces from each other but rather connect, unite and embrace. It is this design influence that adds character to the home with smart solutions and remarkable aesthetics. The SEA wardrobe collection is delicate and sophisticated, a celebration of geometry and penchant for simple compositions.


6th May, 2019 Applied Art