SEA by Jat Holdings

Innovation happens when interdisciplinary forms come together to create a collaborative work of art in the discovery of their diverse perspectives. This concept of creative thinking in applied art consists of the principle of flexibility where the designer perceives the world from different angles and experiences. In dealing with the increasingly complex lifestyle posed in today’s world, design thinking takes advantages of a team-based working, collaborative approach with architecture and interior design to foster creativity and innovation in contemporary living spaces.

“The home should be the treasure trove of living”, a statement by the renowned architect Le Corbusier articulates the necessity of creating a timeless functional space when reinventing and redefining urban living of which design thinking is a style strategy that compliments the architecture and interior design. While architecture assimilates a balancing act of form and function with a deep appreciation for human character and its capacity for transformation, the interior design attempts to answer the question of what ‘living’ means to each person. The idea of living applies to a contemporary cohesive kitchen as a dynamic space that continues to evolve with the needs and lifestyle of the modern human.

Kitchen space is evolving in terms of functionality but also as the main hub of the house where the family, friends and guests congregate. In interior design, architecture and furniture play extremely prominent roles. JAT Holdings applies the concept of applied art through an interdisciplinary manner complimenting it with architecture and interior design with a keen understanding of the interest of the client. Their collection of SEA Bauformat, an esteemed German brand of kitchens curtails clear form, geometrically pleasing designs and focus on functionality and individual requirements. A blending of diverse details and style invites innovative use of materials, development of stylized specifications and creative functionality of texture to impose discipline on seemingly abstract design with the goal that interiors remain timeless and tasteful.

The amalgamation between interior design and architecture fostering artistry is reflected in SEA Kitchen. Swathed in neutral natural tones, framed by an unforgettable black marble SEA transforms the space to that of a timeless finish. Sharing your bookshelf is, in a way, sharing yourself. Every element - from the titles you choose to the way you organize them reflects one’s personality. Contemporary living spaces are further characterized through SEA as it strengthens artistic expression. As witnessed in the living spaces shown, the seamless existence of works of contemporary art and designer shelves storing books and novels in the kitchen space elevates the works of SEA to that of aesthetic pleasure coupled with meeting daily needs. An open-space kitchen requires a balance and symmetry through the use of your cabinetry, appliances, and furniture. A pop of color—whether it’s on the furniture, in a bowl of fresh fruit, or in a vase of flowers—ensures that these contemporary kitchen designs feel warm and welcoming. The SEA Purista kitchen collection merges the kitchen and living space. With its perfectly studied proportions, the SEA Purista kitchen becomes the determining element in the room. Its core design element is an elegant rail above each unit, which serves as grip ledge. For an even more simplistic look, the units can be opened with push to open.

Design thinking elevates the beauty of living space while the connection between architectural and interior designs remains essential and new designs aim to inject efficiency and comfort into urban living spaces. The SEA Contemporary collection stands for a modern sophisticated look as it creates contrast against light and chic interior: natural materials, light textiles, utilitarian forms, and sharp angles come together to define a varied yet cohesive character within a stylish space overlooking the cityscape. These details of the interior are further accentuated by the floor-to-ceiling windows that provide a panoramic city view.

With aesthetic customization, materials, and colors that express an interdisciplinary approach between architecture and interior design, SEA extends elegance as well as the functionality of interior spaces that enhance the design thinking upheld by JAT Holdings. SEA is not only technically incisive and visually impressive but also capable of highlighting the individuality of the client. With their minimalist cabinetry, neutral color palettes, and metallic accents, these contemporary kitchens have a subtle elegance. They blend aspects of modern design with traditional and industrial styles, for a visually pleasing interior that is current and sleek.

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4th June, 2019 Applied Art