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What’s in a circle? The shape is significant and attributed to symbolize many aspects of the course of nature. From the cycle of life to the shape of the Earth, the circle is a shape of simplicity and symmetry. The Ray-Ban Round Sunglasses take on the shape of the circle, as the name suggests, an iconic design that reflects this minimalistic appeal transcended from nature yet fits in effortlessly to the changing eras. Circular frames and lenses have been around in the fashion scene since the earliest times of the 1960s, its eminent design however, can be found as further back as the thirteenth century where its functionality was priority. Eyeglasses have been worn for more than seven hundred years and studies show that one of the most predominant shapes was the round form of lenses and frames, the circular shape becoming the most worn type of eyeglass. The circular shape and form, apart from conveying simplicity yet sophistication, was popularly in demand in the 60s for its ability to convey a sense of intellectuality and portray the appearance of an academic for the wearer.

Ray-Ban, the iconic eyewear brand was initially founded in 1936 by the Bausch and Lomb Company in Rochester, New York; the Ray-Ban was integral to the classic Americana and retro style. Originally what began as a singularly functional item of eyewear for pilots, the brand has since built an outstanding reputation in the accessory industry, garnering much attention for their stylistic and timeless sunglasses that surpass standards in functionality and exceeds in its design, having appeared on the faces of many renowned film stars and musicians as well as defining eras after making appearances in award-winning films and setting stereotypes. Worn by trailblazing creators across the world, the Ray-Ban Round Sunglasses are famously retro, iconic and timeless.

The Ray-Ban Round Metal glasses arrives in fashionable glory in 1989 from a design that is recorded to have been associated with the 1960s period of counterculture movement; from hippies to disaffected and rebellious youth, the movement played a large role in resurrecting the iconic shape. The prominent image of John Lennon in round glasses becomes the face of the popular design, his visage defining the era of hippie culture and circular eyeglasses. The counterculture movement was also infamous for its peace symbols and the circular design then became a form of identification and symbolic significance. Soon, the round eyewear was gaining traction and popularity among the youth and the privileged. Appearing on the faces of novel fictional characters such as Harry Potter and eminent power figures including Winston Churchill, Mahatma Ghandi and Steve Jobs. The ageless, iconic model then becomes the go-to design regardless of its era.  
The Ray-Ban Round designs are a timeless classic model that is a combination of sophistication, scholarly appeal and edginess, with styling and quality that surpasses remarkable standards in performance and comfort. Outlined sophisticatedly with a range of frame and lens combinations, including metal, nylon or acetate frames in a choice of colors and finishes, from a selection of styles with solid, gradient or Evolve lenses. The Ray-Ban unisex metal, iconic sunglasses are known for their defined round crystal lenses and distinct shape. A curved brow bar, adjustable nose pads, and thin metal temples with plastic end tips rest comfortably behind the ears. Providing the greatest visual clarity, the eyewear accessory promises protection from the sun and its ultraviolet rays. Its Digital Surface Technology is engineered to enhance the visuals that you see, crystal clear and an extra wide field of vision. Engraved with Ray-Ban’s branded signature, the design is a result of more than seventy years of innovation that eliminates glare, increases visual clarity, enhances contrast and reduces eye strain.

The Ray-Ban Round Sunglasses design is a fit for any physicality; its style both functional and aesthetic. The legendary piece of eyewear caters to looks that are both academic and creative in appearance, distinctly designed to convey each expression of significance. The gold Ray-Ban RX3447V round metal may convey a sense of erudition, but the Ray-Ban RB3592 Ja-Jo on any face structure will channel that of a creative’s ambience, much like John Lennon’s style. It is true that the first ever piece of eyewear took on the shape of a circle, a form of much significance, a symbol of many vital connotations. Be it creative or academic, the circular form embodies either; portraits of sixteen century poets donning the famous eyepiece, or records of Christian monks utilizing the circular eyewear to read manuscripts. The Ray-Ban Round design gives the shape and form the innovative narrative, descending from revolutionary artists and intellectuals alike.

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20th August, 2021 Applied Art | Sustainable Design