Dimon John

ARTRA celebrates Dimon John for his role as a director and screenwriter through which his imminent skill and artistry in interpreting alternate realities are depicted. Dimon’s competence in captivating his audience through cinematic narratives portray visually and emotionally arresting tales that allow spectators to comprehend details in vividly entrancing moments. His film ‘Waves Interrupted’ has received local and international accolades throughout his triumphant journey; his versatility and unique interpretation, leading his debut film into premiering at the 23rd BUSAN International Film Festival 2018, winning Best Short Film, Most Gender Sensitive Film and Outstanding Performance in the Lead Role at the 8th Agenda 14 Short Film Festival 2018. Being nominated for Best Director of a Short Foreign Language Film, and Best Original Screenplay of a Short Foreign Language Film at the London International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema 2019 and Best National Short Film at the Jaffna International Cinema Festival 2019, and landing the position of semi-finalist in both Sydney Indie Film Festival 2018 and Monterrey International Film Festival 2019, ‘Waves Interrupted’ is a gripping tale of suspense and mystery.

Dimon’s debut short-film ‘Waves Interrupted’ takes the audience on a thirteen minute journey of a young woman with a hearing deficiency. Taking the lead role, Chandima Karunadasa’s character, takes on one unfortunate night, where she loses her hearing aid and suddenly getting thrown into a world unsupported by a singular device is gripping to say the least. “It was easier to work with Chandima because she’s a talented actress and grasped her role effortlessly,” states Dimon. The story follows her around the city in the midst of the midnight hours where the unknown lay and Dimon’s expert screenplay encounters the intricate details and obstacles that contribute to instilling life in the film as its characters take on the challenge. ARTRA commends his capacity to portray and depict these difficulties through directing the actress, allowing comprehension among the audience while influencing their conscious mind to exist in the film itself, embodying the character and feeling her tribulations as though it were their own. Inspired by directors such as Alfred Hitchcock, David Lynch and David Fincher, Dimon’s short film also takes on a dark, mysterious and suspenseful theme, creating an atmosphere of still trepidation and alarm. His attention to detail becomes instrumental as each scene builds the entire production, tying together elementally profound. As the scenes follow the young actress, supported by a strong sense of screenwriting by Dimon himself, his brilliant directing allows for the crew, including cinematographer Vishwajith Karunarathne, editing by Ajith Ramanayake and sound design and mix by Aruna Priyantha Kaluarachchi, to work luminously well together.

Dimon also takes on writing and directing of commercial films such as ‘Handmade’ for KUR, previously featured on ARTRA Magazine Edition 45, alongside designer Kasuni Rathnasuriya and music composer Charitha Rakshitha Attalage. “As a director, it’s my job to bring everyone together and share my vision of the film,” he explains.

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7th November, 2019 Applied Art | Architecture