The Aviator

Every now and then, the world is taken by storm, and rotated on its axis for its ubiquitous choices in identity and style; one such example is that which derives from a story that involves the US Military and its entertainment complex, a design element so significant that it not just set forth a lasting trend but became a solution. In fact, when Top Gun’s ‘Maverick’ – Tom Cruise – casually strolled down the runway high-fiving his fellow comrade, donned in an army jacket and combat boots, the Ray-ban Aviators upon his face, he set the stereotype for all suave, cool ideals to follow. Such is the power of style and its role in film – its capacity to set trends and manifest stereotypes is avowed upon due to its influential stance in the larger context of society whereby standards are deemed and inclinations are set. The RayBan Aviator made its first appearance in Tony Scott’s ‘Top Gun’ cinematic masterpiece with Tom Cruise as the beholder. This incited an uproar of the demand for Aviators whereby its popularity soared. 

The story of the Aviator however is intriguing in its inception – how did the concept of the Aviator arise and where did its fame among the military come from. The name Ray-Ban is itself one that derives from the conception of its creation where they were to be sunglasses that banned the sun’s rays and this was an intrinsic factor to the production of the design because of why it was created. A pilot’s plight and an unfortunate incident later, the aviator was created. But its style and design did not remain with the pilots of the war – the iconic glasses gained momentum in the 1950s when billboards and posters advertising movies and iconic films featured famed and renowned actors and actresses adorned in the style and finesse of the Aviator.  So what makes the Aviator unique? 

Presently one of the most iconic sunglass models in the world, the Ray-Ban Aviator Classic Sunglasses were originally designed for U.S aviators in 1937. A timelessly, classic model that is an amalgamation of eminent aviator styling and quality that surpasses remarkable standards in performance and comfort. Outlined sophisticatedly with a classic gold frame, the sunglass is a lens to the world of varied and diverse perspectives, observed through an array of tasteful colours from crystal brown, crystal green, providing the greatest visual clarity and promises protection from the sun and its ultraviolet rays. Its Digital Surface Technology is engineered to enhance the visuals that you see, crystal clear and an extra wide field of vision. Engraved with Ray-Ban’s branded signature, the Aviator is a result of more than seventy years of innovation that eliminates glare, increases visual clarity, enhances contrast and reduces eye strain. 

While its purpose and intention vows to surpass in functionality, its design aesthetic is a significantly contributing factor to the Aviator’s popularity and increasing demand. The RayBan Aviators became a cultural phenomenon for its esoteric and beauty. An iconic photographic still of General Douglas MacArthur returning to the Philippines towards the end of World War II, donned in a pair of Aviators became symbolic to a time that celebrated masculinity in strength and post-war determination. However, as time went on, the Aviators soon became popularized among civilians for the candour and beauty through which the glasses were presented, its style and design embodying the cool and impeccable stereotype after the release of Top Gun with Tom Cruise as its model in 1986, soon turning out to be the perennial fashion staple it is today. When Gloria Steinem wore the aviators in advocacy of women’s liberation in the 70s, it became a symbol of countering sexism and donning a tool that eradicates objectification.

The history of the Ray-Ban Aviators is both colourful and prodigious, its intrinsic functionality and idealistic beauty making it one of the most crucial design elements in fashion not just back then but numerous years later, travelling from the earliest years of the 20th Century into the 21st Century and remaining an iconic statement piece. Popularly remembered for its public appearance in Top Gun, the gold rimmed, delicately yet robustly shaped pair of sunglasses are celebrated for its sophistication in design and style. Perhaps it is the story that creates the façade, the noteworthy style symbolizing its fame, perchance it is the promising intention of its functionality that revolves around its significance, the Ray-Ban Aviator does not cease to exist as just another pair of sunglasses - with elegance and eloquence, the beauty of its grace, designed by Bausch & Lomb that catapults it into the global standards of what a pair of eyewear should be. And donned in such a piece of class and sophistication is the essence of luxury that begets one’s personality and identity. 

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23rd April, 2021 Applied Art