Anavila Misra

Transforming the Sa Pa community’s vivacious life into a vivid and dynamic canvas, esteemed Indian designer Anavila Misra’s fashion designs are dynamic mediums of art for conveying a community’s way of life. The designer’s Spring and Summer 2019 collection is symbolic of the Sa Pa community’s eco-system as every knit and spread is contributed by the many influences of their society, elevating the designer wear to that of artistry, reflecting social, cultural and environmental significance.

The Sa Pa region in Vietnam is an idyllic, mountainous locale with a variety of traditions. Scenic views are often subdued by thick mist rolling across the peaks, but even when it’s cloudy, the Sa Pa community fills the town with color. The women of this charming isolated enclave which overlooks a plunging valley with mountains towering above on all sides, are self-made artisans of colorful embroidered garments. While the modern day human is caught in a technological warp, the industrious Sa Pa community is already living the sustainable life through the simplicity of their lifestyle that is deeply rooted in nature. The Sa Pa woman contributes largely to this sustainable ecology, when she engages in the thriving agrarian lifestyle by looking after the rice fields, directly connecting with nature, while playing a part in the economic development of the region. We found Anavila to have intricately translated the sustainability and ecologically attuned way of thinking with her use of earthy hues, natural tones and complex weaves of natural yarns in her saris.

Anavila Spring and Summer 2019 collection retailing at Rithihi, Alfred House Gardens, Colombo 03 was stirred by the Sa Pa community’s way of life which we found to be transcendent and unique in application. Designer Anavila traveled extensively in Vietnam to dissect the intricacies and peculiarities that make the space distinct. “This collection was inspired by the Sa Pa tribe in Vietnam, in terms of so many factors, however primarily by the women.” The refreshing natural hues of white, beige and tones of peach, leaf green, indigo and charcoal are used in silhouettes that are minimal, comfortable and stylish as Anavila reimagines the Sa Pa women climbing up and down the hills as an in-bred part of the ecosystem, carrying their kids behind them. Thus, the collection reflects on the simplicity and the rich diversity of this unique Vietnamese community and their culture while transporting the wearer to the picturesque paddy fields where the women that inspired the collection work.

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3rd May, 2019 Applied Art | Architecture