Sri Lanka Design Festival's 2018

Sri Lanka Design Festival approaches creativity as a practice that is calculated and of strategic deliberation in entrepreneurship and commerce. Within the last decade, a global phenomenon has come to be apparent, in which creativity has been elevated to a newfound value more precisely of monetary benefit. In the recent years, consumers have showcased an impulse towards creative aspects in produce causing an increasing demand from retailers, of ‘designer’ or ‘curated’, nature with artistic origins. With a rapidly expanding audience willing to pay higher prices for cultural connotations, ‘creativity’ has emerged with an increased value in the market.

The merging of the creative and commercial worlds is beginning to open up new opportunities for creative practitioners such as artists and designers, creating fresh economic dynamics across Sri Lanka. Directing new energy towards this evolution, the Academy of Design (AOD) has joined hands with creatively led entrepreneurial initiatives, brands and organisations and the government of Sri Lanka, along with ARTRA Magazine, to present Sri Lanka Design Festival 2018. In its ninth year, this unique design festival will continue to infuse creativity with commerce, underpinning the economic potential of the creative arts. However, this year is considered to be more significant in that the festival will embrace the theme ‘Innovation Island’, which explores the progression of the creative industries’ national strategy. As the biggest national platform dedicated to design a globally‐heard voice on local creativity, Sri Lanka Design Festival sets to project the creative industries’ strategy in terms of new aesthetic movements, products, services, talent and inspiration. Talks and conferences, design exhibitions, retail experiences, shows and network building meet‐and‐greets between a ‘glo‐cal’ creative community are part of an interesting festival schedule that ties in creative minds, businesses and brands with the general public.

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17th October, 2018 Applied Art