Niloo Jayatilake

Collecting works of art enhances the quality of life. Works of art when constantly engaged with, be it in a private or public setting, improves one’s appreciation of culture and the resultant intellectual stimulation as one views them intently, triggering myriads of interpretations be it personal, social or even political. In fact, in a living setting, art offers hosts and guests opportunities for an added element of social interaction encouraging meaningful connections that trigger riveting conversations, whilst also functioning as a creative source of reducing stress by increasing relaxation and inner calm.

Art collector, Niloo Jayatilake was always fascinated by the paintings of her uncle, artist Gemunu Fernando since her very early years. His exquisite nude figures went unappreciated and even frowned upon by his immediate and conservative family. As a result Niloo would roam through her grandparent’s home looking for obscure and hidden paintings, making for mystery and adventure. The exclusion of the controversial works took place in the midst of displaying other, more socially friendly illustrations. After much deciphering between the different kinds of work her uncle produced, Niloo learned how to critically distinguish the strengths of works. Keenly able to interpret potential at first glance, as a collector she often develops long-standing relationships with artists who inspire this passion of creative reflection.

Art collector Niloo, Head of Investments at Softlogic Holdings and professional golfer, looks to art as more than an interest. She states “It is an opportunity to invest in something that becomes more than a monetary application”. Art, over time, grows in tandem with the developments of its owner, sharing long journeys together across family generations. Niloo’s first painting was a gift by her grandparents of a work by Gemunu Fernando and her first financial investment was a portrait of a lady by Sarasvati Rockwood, at the Kala Pola art festival. The collection at her present home fruititioned with an early figurative work by artist Senaka Senanayake. Different themes have since unfolded, revealed and enriched themselves in the contemplation of life with its duty-bound scribes of vision.

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8th June, 2018 Visual Art | Conceptual