Visual art captures nature at its beauty and awe from subtle shade variations to irregularities, which are serene and unique. When the sunrays peer through the leaves, a bird takes its flight, or the different colours of the sand, are painted on a canvas, be it the landscape or an impressionist work of art, the viewer is enchanted and transported to the tranquility of the natural world. Nature has been a muse and art dissects seemingly serene places of incredible natural beauty. Imagine the glorious sunshine and wanderlust, luring us all somewhere on a beautiful shore, be it an endless stretch of golden sand, a secluded white cove with sparkling turquoise waters, or anything in between. Or a morning hike along the muddy trail with the promise of a breathtaking view.

Nature and her beauty – the idea, the experience, the importance is significant to our lives. Artists have always been drawn to, and inspired by, the natural world. In recent years creative minds have started looking to nature to find beautifully functional design solutions. Contemporary design is a combination of elements that comprises a unique persona while being of functional use, impacting our day to day lives. This is due to a modern and rapid way of life, especially in the cities. We find our inspiration and relaxation in nature. Thus the evolving versatile living space is also perceived beyond function and has become the new oases that offer wellness, relaxation and time for oneself, and have become very stylish. Rocell Tiles consists of intriguing nuances that come from the wonders of earth. From Marble, Wood, Stone, Metal and Cement, Rocell creates a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, in turn creating a harmonious open space living area. This is the journey Rocell celebrates along with geometric compositional structures, intersecting segments of shapes; pattern and colour that create a bold, modernist look. Capturing the true beauty of a grain of sand and the narrow paths, through its unique tile concepts, Rocell brings the nature and its aesthetics closer to you. Rocell tile collections range from futuristic galaxy blues to the rich, warm tones of the soil, along with luxurious shades of black. Nature has undeniably proven itself to be one of the most treasured of muses known to man. “An artist must possess Nature. He must identify himself with her rhythm, by efforts that will prepare the mastery which will later enable him to express himself in his own language”, a statement by prolific artist Henry Matisse exudes how nature inspired the artist. The meticulous details around us, the subtleties in the weather and the natural habitats influence the inventive transition of incorporating nature in the modern living space.

To this end, Rocell offers selected tile decors that give each personal abode a unique appearance. There’s a reason tile is often the material of choice in each compartmentalized space: it reflects light, it’s durable, it’s easy to clean and it freshens up the space. And through deriving inspiration and stimulating intriguing perspectives, Rocell merges any ordinary living space with nature providing an experience unlike any other; natural, aesthetic and  through rich ambience of nature and uninterrupted interaction with the Earth, one who lives in such a space is made to be awed.


When we think of the ocean, our mind is invaded by the picture of a vast mass of turquoise blue water. The spectrum of the blues captured by a work of art where the artist meticulously mimics the shades on a canvas of Marble and Stone. Carved sinuously from the Earth’s lush natural possessions as its veins run through each surface of tile, a mirror reflects. The enthralling surface of Marble echoes the crash of waves against the shore while the Stone inscriptions on the surface of any living space mimic tangibly sensitive grains of sand; sun-kissed stretches of pristine sand; shimmering cobalt and blue; jagged, ancient coastlines battered by wild. Rocell presents an inventive transition from art to the tile in implementing creative living spaces. Decorative patterns and shapes which display rounded shapes and curved lines offer a refreshing perspective on geometric angular patterns that have dominated over the past few years. The opulence and glamour of Rocell tiles are unique and sensible with intricate attention to detail, where the tile pattern transforms floors and walls to a modern day canvas with a fresh, playful and sometimes minimal style. 

In the Rocell Tile collection, elements of bold colour are used amongst metallic shades and finishes to add visual interest. The concept of silk lavish fabric, Fashion accentuates minimalism with a touch of elegance, yet in glamour. The connotation of the design for the living area of your home would inevitably add an aesthetic element of decoration. Each collection that exists in the Rocell concepts, is manifested from the depths of creative minds evoke sensation and expression from within the human conscious.

From Metal to Wood, Marble to Fashion, Rocell provides and exudes the aura of artistry in its innate ability to enthrall and enrapture a space;
contributing in its rich and metallic sheen, the concept of Metal tiles provide a look of luxury and style while the minimalist concept of Wood may influence a space to emanate a rustic ambiance. Rocell’s wide array of innovative concepts commit to conveying an experience that hide in the recesses of your metaphorical dreams.

Echoing the range of tones seen across the region’s pastoral landscape and blue skies, by nature and organic forms, be it the sky or the land, with Rocell, Mono-colour and Stone. Each manifestation represents pastel and neutral tones alongside deep, saturated shades, offering the antithesis of minimal interior design. One can feel and be inspired by the allure of the tiles also through its distinct texture from ridges and folds, perfectly sculptured designs and surfaces. With inspiration derived from the colours, shapes and textures of lush forests, azure oceans, stunning flora and other awe-inspiring natural elements, Rocell’s designs perfectly replicate the beauty of nature in your home.


5th November, 2019 Applied Art

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