Colombo Port City

What does it mean to place art in a cityscape? The role and place that art takes in situating itself in public spaces is one that’s immeasurable in its worth as it inspires and becomes a medium of influence, of relation. Art displayed and portrayed in a public space is meant to humanize the growing environment. It provides a juncture between past, present and future, between disciplines, and between ideologies. Art becomes the narrator and mutual bystander. The role of art becomes that of steering culture and heritage through imaginative stimulation.

A cityscape is essentially one of urban development integrated among and within the paradigms of art, from its constructions and agendas, architecture and visual representation. These notions precede into the nuances of its purpose and what it intends to represent in the way in which it co-exists to facilitate the general public and their quality of life. Art has always influenced and stimulated lives in homes and living spaces. From personal collections to curated walls, art has always been one with living. The concept of art, living and its presence in the city of a much larger scope of societal amalgamation is an understanding and movement of uplifting, reflecting and augmenting the lives of the city’s individuals and the nation at large. The creative innovation of it all becomes the concept through which we intend to progress and influence.

ARTRA strides forward in our quest to influence and impact a developing city through artistic stimulation from the artists of the nation. New cities and cityscapes are fundamentally spaces of refinement for the arts and culture, the window to re-instate the initiative for fully fledged strategies driven by policies that surround art and creative innovation by elevating the nuances of the vernacular, the language and lifestyle of the people whilst uplifting the lives of artists.

The presence of art in contemporary cities becomes more apparent as artists and activists allude to the progressive efforts of society. These movements are visible in the capacity of arts to participate, transform, contest or reflect and unveil the way cities develop. Through these precedents, ARTRA is proud to be the Official Partner of Colombo Port City’s Design Competition that invites students and art graduates from across the country to be able to submit their art proposals to design significant sculptures and digital walls to infuse artistry, culture and heritage. Sri Lankan art and design has been a driving force of refinement and legacy for decades and its involvement in the growth and progress of the new city will introduce and inherently celebrate novelty throughout the city. This design competition in partnership with ARTRA will provide artists an opportunity to design and inspire this new city, thereby instilling meaning and characterizing the essence of a nation in their work of art. Additionally, providing the public glimpses and depictions of how their art frames and becomes a voice of a nation. To design and inspire a city through art will be to instil a sense humanity among constructions.

ARTRA in collaboration with the Colombo Port City will embark on a journey of enriched new beginnings. The fundamentals of influencing and instilling value in public spaces through mediums of art and creativity together with the nuances of artistic stimulation are those that enhance and rebuild, redesign to improve and progress as a city embedded in culture and heritage. The notion of art and its practices, its culture and purpose strives towards allowing the city to in turn, be impacted by the valued ecosystem of artists and their works of art. The need for art in public spaces will present its significance as artists and their impact on society bringing about a healthier change and responsible living.

With these profound ideas and notions, ARTRA hopes to imagine a reality far beyond existing boundaries to envision new certainties and build a city of responsible living. This partnership will prepare to provide artists with a space to impact the society and provide the public a place to interact with art, where individuals meet at a middle ground and build relationships, become collaborative, and build responsible communities. Together, Colombo Port City and ARTRA will embark on a new journey to impart on the country an innovative, fresh-faced perspective; with Colombo Port City’s landscape and ARTRA’s fundamental values in instilling and uplifting the lives of artists and the community, the beginning of this development will endure a growth and change among citizens, society, perspective and lifestyle. Emerging artists and established artists will be provided wide recognition, as society comprehends and observes their works art. The future envisioned and designed, a new initiative takes flight, urban development merged with the notion of public spaces influencing and impacting a sustainable and responsible growth, art will impart and uplift.


11th August, 2020 Applied Art