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“Music has charms to soothe a savage breast” said the British dramatist William Congreve and we could not agree more! Music speaks to the soul, rejuvenates your mind and relaxes your senses after a hard day of work, and is not exclusive to professional musicians to reap its comforting effects. This edition we introduce you to the Yamaha Clavinova, an eclectic instrument that serves everyone, from a professional to an amateur, whether you were born with musical talents or discovered your love for music recently. It is not just an instrument, but also a guide, a teacher and a space of tranquility to explore your creative consciousness.

The name Clavinova derives from the word ‘clavier’, which means keyboard in French. It is in fact a compact keyboard with the feel and sound of the piano in a machine that is reliable, portable, inoffensive to housemates and neighbours because it could be played silently with headphones. Moreover, it mimics a range of other instruments— from the harpsichord to honky-tonk wrecks and string orchestras. The keyboard provides a universal way of experiencing music. One of the keyboards invented over the last half is the Yamaha Clavinova. The Clavinova with its self-learning option, impacts both body and mind, allowing the user to feel inspired and relaxed.

The act of playing the Clavinova – at whichever level – requires real concentration and full engagement of the brain. Since it can be practiced as a self-teaching instrument it is feasible to learn as well. A group of researchers, Kumiko Toyoshima et al from Japan were interested in investigating whether art activities, including music, may have an effect on stress hormone (cortisol) levels and anxiety and found that playing the piano was the most effective activity in reducing cortisol levels. The study demonstrates that playing the piano has a significant impact on both psychological and physiological factors. After a stressful, long day at work, playing the familiar notes on the Clavinova will cause a reduction in brain activity and decrease heart rate, which leads you to feel more relaxed. When compared to a Grand Piano, the Clavinova costs less in price yet creates the same transparency and clarity. The Clavinova is robustly interactive. It is ideal for children as they can practice with their headphones on as their teacher patrols among the budding prodigies, plugging into one piano at a time to hear each pupil’s progress.

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5th July, 2019 Performance Art

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