The Story of The Galleria

True art is cultivated from the depths of an artist’s mind, unaware of the potential. Art is symbolic in its existence, transforming the onlooker, of which the process was articulately explained at the eighth edition of Collector’s Desk. Organized by ARTRA Magazine and Saskia Fernando Gallery, the latest edition that took place on the 18th of October, was in collaboration with the Embassy of Italy in Sri Lanka together with Standard Chartered Priority and Sapphire Residences, ITC Hotels. The instalment was a much-anticipated occasion, hosting gallerist Susanna Orlando of Susanna Orlando Galleria Pietrasanta in Tuscany, Italy discussing the nature of contemporary art and contemporary Italian art since 1976. During this evening of art and conversation, Susanna Orlando enlightened the audience on the significance of contemporary art to collectors and its characteristics that enhance one’s lifestyle.

The talk commenced as Azara Jaleel, Editor-inChief of ARTRA Magazine and Saskia Fernando, Director & Founder of Saskia Fernando Gallery shared the aims and objectives of Collector’s Desk. Launched in 2015 with the aim of educating collectors, corporates & professionals on contemporary art and the goings-on of local and international art systems, editions in the past hosted esteemed curators, collectors & art professionals who discussed riveting insights on art collections as personal reflections, assets and reflections of living in the form of panels, discussions and exhibitions. Thereafter, Her Excellency, Ambassador Rita Manella introduced gallerist and speaker, Susanna Orlando to guests, sharing her insights as a collector while exploring the integrity and commitment of the speaker in promoting contemporary art. 

Susanna Orlando’s talk discussed what art meant to her. “ Art has an essence of ‘pathos’; an essential element in the foundation of true art”, explained Susanna. ‘Pathos’, a quality that evokes tragedy or sadness – embodies the word suffering. Susanna believes that any work of art is evoked and created from the artist’s suffering. “I believe to be an artist, you have to suffer a little bit, like good wine. They say that in good wine, the grapes suffer at night as it’s very cold, but they grow better because of that the day after. ”

Growing up in the industry, discovering and exploring each aspect of her profession, Susanna’s 45 years of experience has cultivated a disciplined gallerist within her. “The gallerist has the duty of taking the painting, nursing and protecting it, as it finds a new home. ” 

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