Emergency by Kavan Balasuriya, Vinith Chathuranga & Mayantha Perera

Image courtsey : Paradise Road Galleries

Challenging the trends that we use to define particular moments in time, Udayshanth Fernando and Saskia Fernando curate an exhibition featuring three emerging artists and highlighting their works over the past twelve months. Taking place at the Parasadise Road Galleries from the 29th of August to the 18th of September from 6pm to 9pm, Kavan Balasuriya, Vinith Chathuranga and Mayantha Perera change the direction of the local contemporary art movement in this group show.

Kavan Balasuriya , Image courtsey : Paradise Road Galleries

Kavan Balasuriya is an artist whose work explores connections across South and South-East Asia, regions from which he traces a direct cultural heritage. In order to link these regions, he examines iconography found in religion and traditional cultures. Kavan’s pictures investigate how the themes of identity and conflict relate to spiritual and physical displacement. The artist is also influenced in terms of form by textile design cultures shared across the Asian subcontinent. His research looks into correlations between traditional weaving discourses and socio-political realities. Repeated, modular units have long been a feature of Kavan’s work and he continues to research the mythos of craft-practices to deepen this element of his practice.

Vinith Chathuranga, Image coutsey : Paradise Road Galleries

Vinith Chathuranga is a graduate of the University of Visual and Performing Arts. His large format oil paintings represent the artist’s dedication to the use of a traditional medium in an effort to create ‘l'art pour l’art’. The theme central to his first series of work discusses a concept of collapsism; the unseen side of images hidden behind form and object in his compositions symbolizing narratives relating to both political critique and a commentary on the nature of contemporary art market.

Mayantha Perera, Image courtsey : Paradise Road Galleries  

Mayantha Perera is currently a student of the University of Visual and Performing Arts. In this series of work the artist’s works with oils on small figurative paintings presenting scene taken from the artist's own experiences. The images are of an intense nature that is intended to unsettle; dark scenes presenting ragging, undressing amongst others. The intensity of the images is enhanced by the strength of the artist’s portrayal of his subjects as well as the technique of painting light onto each depiction.

The artists challenge the elements of identity and explore the concealed while addressing the radical characteristics of the contemporary art scene; their works intend to unfold and unsettle viewers, presenting and unveiling the artist’s experiences and perspectives. Visit Paradise Road Galleries to view what must be remembered, and art that commentates and interprets.

30th August, 2019 Visual Art | Paintings