Mika Tennekoon

For thousands of years, art has played an integral part in the everyday lives of human beings – from a means of self-expression to communication. But beyond the emotional and societal aspects of art creation and appreciation, how does visual art impact our quality of life? It stimulates our thoughts and rejuvenates our mind. Neurological researchers at the University of Toronto showed painted art to 330 participants in 7 countries while they underwent MRI scans. The study’s results clearly showed that looking at art led to increased activity in the brain systems that ‘underlie the conscious processing of new information to give it meaning’. In other words, looking at art helps us to understand the world around us better. Between the rapidly evolving technology driven world and social agendas, the lone mind is often found to be seeking refreshing and relieving stimulation from the natural counterparts of Earth. Transforming and recreating nature from its inspiration and ability to draw thought significantly, Mika Tennekoon portrays the simple translation of the day-to-day and emotional events constructed through nature into beautifully constructed illustrations.

Born in Sri Lanka in 1985, Mika Tennekoon completed her MFA in Fine Art from Khala Bhavan in Santiniketan, India. Tennekoon staged her first solo exhibition at Saskia Fernando Gallery in November 2012 and since then, participated in many group shows in Colombo and as well as in India, Vietnam, Dubai and the United States. Mika works with multiple mediums such as photography, digital sketches and installation. Her work is significant as it focuses on nature and the surreal, stimulating the mind in drawing a myriad of interpretations. Mika Tennekoon works with multiple mediums such as photography, digital sketches and installations. Her work primarily explores themes such as our relationship with nature and the environment, our connection to the divine feminine, and the unseen.

“The natural world is endlessly fascinating and so is our interconnectedness with it, to a point that I consider nature as the divine,” says Mika. 

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4th October, 2019 Visual Art | Paintings

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