Alone but Together

Alone but Together

Kitty Ritig

Western Province

During the inevitable isolation, while everything seemed uncertain and lost while the whole world sinking in dark, Our unhealthy, blue light-emitting friend, whom we had next to us all this time, whom we sometimes took for granted, whom we sometimes repelled, Whom we sometimes warned humankind of as man-made, addictive, digital slow poison, Was with us in confinement was there for us, became our necessary evil. If it was so earlier, now it settled, showed us that it's the thread that connects us And we were alone but together, we were alone with a sense of togetherness, in the midst of helplessness, in the midst of despair... Which after all, is the best kind of togetherness.

About artist

Artist and illustrator Kitty Ritig, obtained her Master of Fine Arts qualification at the University of Kelaniya and is currently an illustrator and visiting lecturer at AMDT, Colombo. She is a contemporary illustrator and a new media artist who creates work through fusion of traditional and digital mediums.

Medium Digital Illustration