Handle with Care

Handle with Care

Malinda Jayasinghe

Western Province

The 21st century has brought about a range of options and convenience to peoples purchasing habits where items are bought and sold with just a click of button. The current capitalistic economy has been established on the back of consumerism while brand names play a significant role in convincing consumers to perceive trademarks as spiritual entities rather than informational devices. The line between peoples wants and needs have become blurry, while non-essential items have become the backbone of the economy. Corporations strive to create demand for such products through marketing thereby giving rise to brand fetishism. With the Corona virus becoming a global pandemic and countries being kept under lock down or curfew around the world, the magnitude and speed of economic collapse has been unlike anything in the past. It has come to a point where the financial crisis has become more prominent than the health crisis as people struggle to keep away from being bankrupt more than being infected with the virus. People of all classes, during this period of crisis are surviving solely on the back of commodities that are essential for survival. This alone has made many corporations come to the brink of bankruptcy due to the loss in demand for non-essentials, resulting in a collapse in economies which are highly dependent on such commodities.

About artist

Malinda Jayasinghe is an artist based in Sri Lanka. His medium of expression is pencil art mainly.

Medium Pencil on paper