Life and Nature i

Life and Nature i

Sanjeewa Kumara

Western Province

Inspired by local folklore, Kalidasa‟s famous Sanskrit drama „Shakuntala‟ celebrates a woman of extraordinary beauty who was deeply involved with the nurturing of forests. She was hailed for her love for plants and animals tendering them similarly to that of her own baby. In fact, a green life is a utopia we are all seeking. In this work, the artist challenges existing perspectives, surreal fractures, patterns, mysteries and antagonisms demanding the viewer to walk through centuries of learning, in reflection of his life and surrounding.

About artist

Sanjeewa Kumara has developed a conspicuous style over his last 25 years as an artist. Having gained his BA in Fine Arts in Colombo, Kumara pursued a Diploma and Masters in The Netherlands. Since graduating, he has exhibited internationally, largely in Sri Lanka and Europe. Kumara returned to the University of Kelaniya in 2005 as a visiting lecturer.

Medium Acrylic on Paper