Sulochana Senevirathna

Western Province

A report released by the western psychologist Sherri Burrg Carter has stated that being alone is a form of rejuvenation to the mind. It allows the mind to ponder on deep thoughts. It allows the creative & fruitful thinking to grow. It is the positive approach to loneliness. Sulochana Senevirathna has used her capabilities to express herself during this time alone. She expresses her mental trauma and grief in the hopes that another would be able to relate and understand, to not feel so lonely. “I used only black, blue and red to represent the common mental states of all during this mentally challenging time. With the current pandemic & the closure of schools I had to social distance alone at my place. I had to go through a mentally challenging time of two months due to curfew. In order to get rid of the stress, I seeked therapy through drawing. I have expressed my emotions through the use of carbon pens & named it 'Loneliness'.”

About artist

She is a graduate of University of Kelaniya. She is currently teaching in Kuruwita Central College.

Medium Carbon on paper