Nostalgia i

Nostalgia i

Parilojithan Ramanathan

Eastern Province

“Displacement, not because of war, but because of survival, economic advancement and educational purpose is the theme of my work. Moving from one residence to another is an experience of uncertainty which cuts me off from familiar environments and people. I express my nostalgic memories of home, land and situations through my artworks of which I reveal through the stories of the interiors during my travel nowadays.” These works of art by Ramanathan Parilojithan made on brown paper bag are conceptual excerpts of his experiences. Each memory is recorded on these drawings as he moves from each space to another, of varying structures, where home is within.

About artist

Ramanathan Parilojithan holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts of the University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka. Parilojithan has exhibited his works of art at many renowned art festivals and galleries including Colomboscope, 2017, Kochi Muzirise Student Biennale, India, 2018-2019 and the Theertha Red Dot Gallery, Sri Lanka. Ramanathan Parilojithan was previously featured on ARTRA Magazine's Dynamic Mediums of Art, Edition , May 2019 alongside artists Firi Rahman and Vicky Shahjahan for "We Are From Here‟, a street art project conducted in Slave Island.

Medium Brown Paper