Plastic Free Social Distancing

Plastic Free Social Distancing

Safiya Sideek

Western Province

“During these unprecedented times, I have been a bit demotivated to create an ocean painting. And so, I turned to illustrating the sights I saw everyday and my environment, in relation to the pandemic. I chose this opportunity to bring to light different situations that were affected by our current crisis”.

About artist

Artist Safiya Sideek, although born in Sri Lanka travels between cities Melbourne and Colombo. Having grown up in Abu Dhabi, Safiya has always found herself drifting back to Sri Lanka for its oceanic views and creative spontaneity. After working a year in architecture as a junior Architect, Safiya Siddek began her career as an Artist. Her reverent passion for the ocean and naturescapes have been influenced by the lush landscapes and ambience of living in Sri Lanka, helping nurture this creativity.

Medium Sketch on Paper