Social Distance

Social Distance

Hansa Tharuka

Sabaragamuwa Province

“In a society based on the magnificent nature of being a human being, our personal fun has been facilitated. It will lead man to a new history,” states artist Hansa Tharuk. His painting is a visual interpretation of the self-isolation ideology and practice put into the system as law during the pandemic. As society scrambled to understand the global disease, overcome its consequence and comprehend the situation, each individual has simultaneously been hard at work on rebuilding and reconstructing the social system and perspective; every human being, as they grasped the concept of quarantine, used the rule of self-isolation to improve and reset their lives and adjust accordingly to accommodate new feelings and systems, in the process to lay the foundation of the future.

About artist

Hansa Tharuk obtained his education in Visual Painting and BVA in Special Painting at the University of Visual and Performing Arts and is currently a painter and art teacher. He has displayed his works of art at many exhibitions including his solo exhibition in Balangoda in 2012 and group exhibition in 2013, and Global Young Artist Project Visual art exhibition in JDA Perera gallery, 2017 and State Art & sculpture festival exhibition in JDA Perera gallery, 2018.

Medium Oil on Canvas