Thisal Samarasinghe

Western Province

“Isolation is not new to any of us, I‟m sure. However, in an unexpected manner we are all forced to isolate ourselves physically from the world for the greater good. In a time where the world is in chaos and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel, Art and Music has helped keep me sane. I‟ve used art to express myself and over time have seen myself, and others around me relate to it and through them heal and grow,” states Thisal. His graphic works of art are vivid in colour and bold in message as he conveys through an animated understanding the course and progression of the pandemic and its result and consequence on being and society. Thisal‟s creative representation allows the viewer to be able to understand and reciprocate feelings evoked by the work of art. Each element portrayed on the artworks exist as symbols, meant to address each aspect and characteristic of the period of isolation and quarantine, imminent death and suffering. The works of art exist as works that Thisal has used to cope.

About artist

Thisal Samarasinghe is a self-taught artist, currently working as a content creator for an agency. He hopes to define himself and adapt an identity founded on the art he creates.

Medium Digital Illustration